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Monthly Meditations


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The month of June is the halfway point in our calendar year, and as we round the wheel of time for the year there a few things to keep in mind. We will all be asked in one way or another this month; if you believe we are the masters of our own destiny…what are you waiting for? June also asks us to allow the new life to come in, by knowing when the old season has passed in different aspects of our lives, and accepting the choices of yesterday do not define our decisions of tomorrow. The full moon for this month is the Strawberry Moon. It is time to harvest the actions of seeds already planted. Be loving and kind to yourself and others. If the seeds of kindness were not planted within…the field around you will not be full.


Aries – June proves to be a month dedicated to soulmates…off all kinds Aries! Whether it be romantic, business partnership, or friendships, look for a beautiful balance in your relationships. Keep personal details to yourself this month until you have worked through them thoroughly. It may seem that your financial situation is at a loss or crossroads, but remember you have the power to manifest whatever it is you long for.

Taurus – The Magician within is leading you to your destined path…don’t ignore your intuition this month! Accept the emotional support you need when it is offered from those closest to you- it will lift your spirit immensely. Lastly, don’t fret over monetary issues; it will pass quickly unless you hold on to it and drag it on.

Gemini – It’s time to stop ignoring your inner self calling out for attention, and deal with those issues that have been lingering within for a long time. Allow your mind to wander into new adventures for your life- you can soar to new heights if you allow yourself! Remember to heal those things that are long overdue to be taken care of.

Cancer – Make sure you are keenly aware of your feelings this month, as it will lead you to an abundance of prosperity. With all the excitement going on this month, you must remember to stand in your own power.

Leo – Do not despair! All is not lost…this is the time of transformation in your life. The only thing the universe is asking of you, stand in your truth and the strength you need will overflow.

Virgo – Dance and celebrate the beautiful spirit that you are! This month brings a window of opportunity that is temporary…so dance right through that window and into the next big adventure! A kind stranger will be the bringer of this opportunity…keep an open mind and detach from judgment.

Libra – You will be perplexed about how you will make an idea happen…let go of your doubt and reach for the faith that you seem to manifest instantly. Once you remember you are the creator of your reality- step up to your throne and take your rightful position there.

Scorpio – It’s time to unthaw those feelings you’ve been guarding, and break free of those emotional chains that have bound you. That friend of yours has been patiently waiting to help you out. Remember, when we reach out for help, it isn’t just us who benefit; those we reach out to feel positive as well.

Sagittarius – June’s energy is asking you to leave the past where it belongs; the past. Then turn to a new path and see the joy and excitement that awaits you! Share your passion with those around you and don’t be afraid to wear that heart on the proverbial sleeve!

Capricorn – There is transformation in the air…so don’t fight it! Instead, take all the lessons of the past, and use them to create an incredible future! The choice is yours!

Aquarius – The energy of June leaves you pondering your life. Just remember you and you alone is the only one who can overcome the obstacles. We create our reality- therefore we have the solution to those issues!

Pisces – Pay extra close attention to your dreams this month. Keep a journal close to the bed, and believe in what you see…even if it is Merlin the Magician standing at the foot of your bed! When it comes to important relationships- stand firm in what you believe to be true.


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