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October Astrology

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October’s spiritual significance and celebrations in different cultures have a huge impact on the astrology signs this month.

Aries – Take time to listen to the other side. Your spiritual ancestors are attempting to help you right now. Pay attention – the help is there.

Taurus – The victory you so need and desire is at hand. Be balanced, and realize the yin-yang of the situation and you shall persevere.

Gemini – All the hard work you have put in has not gone unnoticed. That talent is yours and yours alone. Nobody else can do what you do.

Cancer – Accolades are coming your way. Be prepared for your inheritance is upon you. The feminine energy that is bringing this good fortune is asking you to step into that energy and realize we all need that heartfelt perspective in life.

Leo – It is time for you to step into that Leo power. Stay strong, stand in your truth, even when others around you doubt what is happening. That uncanny intuition you have is correct. Don’t deny it!

Virgo – Dear Virgo it is time for you to take some risk and step out on the ledge. The energy of October is asking you to take that journey! Be spontaneous and let go of the fear. Enjoy the ride and see where it takes you.

Libra – Your love for fairness and equality is admirable. Yet right now it is time to indulge yourself into the realm of nature’s beauty. Sink into the energy of the Earth and surround yourself with flowers. Even though you dislike being alone, it is time to do so. Re-energize.

Scorpio – Even though you like to be right at any cost, do not stand in your fire! Step back and look within and you will see the truth. Set that stubbornness aside this time – you’ll be glad you did.

Sagittarius – It is time for you to be your true self. Your energy and passion for travel, meeting new people, and finding the answers through these modes is long overdue. Stop making excuses and go!

Capricorn – It is time to dig deep into your roots. The outer world always holds a great appeal to you, but there is something you need to understand about who you are and where you came from.

Aquarius – It is time to start anew. The ability to shapeshift is required now, as well as an understanding of when it is time for change. Do not stand in your fear, instead, go with the flow.

Pisces – Change is inevitable, and the universe is asking you to accept this, and move on. You have pulled back the curtain, the truth has been revealed – accept it.





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