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 Astrology Report for Nov 2018


Aries– Try to remember that relationships this month are intense on every level, which means you must decide on how to deal with this intensity.


Taurus – Another sign whose relationships are affected by the energy this month… even though you may want to keep the peace, sometimes we have to speak our mind and heart in order to be understood.


Gemini – Stay calm! The storm is almost over. With all the struggles that have happened, it’s now time to focus your energy on balancing body, mind, spirit to carry on to the next level.


Cancer – Since you’ve had to bite your lip quite a bit lately, you seem to have forgotten how to take of you. Slow down, and retrace your steps back home to you.



Leo – This month you want to retreat into the comfortable confines of your own mind. It’s been rocky with your closest relationships, but this month’s energy allows for a healthy separation to reflect. Listen to that inner voice- you need it right now.



Virgo – Stop getting lost in all the tiny details, or else you’ll miss the big awesome picture! Your guides are working overtime right now to help out…smile all is well! Enjoy it!


Libra – This is your lucky month dear Libra! All things are aligned in your favor to help you get all the things you deserve. Your good karma from the last ten years is about to pay off!


Scorpio – This month your passion is high so take advantage of it. Whatever your heart desires is yours for the taking. When you put your mind to your passion- anything can happen!


Sagittarius – With all the energy floating around this month it’s hard to keep track! That is why asking for help in your dreams is the perfect solution to find the answers you need. It’s all good though – people are coming out of nowhere to help you out.


Capricorn – Things look good on the career front this month, but it’s time to take a hard look at your relationships. Set stronger boundaries and assess the relationships that no longer fit your highest good.


Aquarius – The last few months have not been easy since it seems like you’ve been sleeping. Your career is ready for take-off after your long nap. The magic truly starts to kick in, so use your originality to make your mark.


Pisces – It’s time to reinvent yourself and the universe is clearing the path for you to do so. Do not hesitate to hold what is most precious…your independence!


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