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Readings with Morning Star Woman

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Faced with a Tough Decision? Need to understand the dynamics of change happening? Than maybe a reading and Shamanic consultation can help. Tap into the never ending stream of universal consciousness who’s purpose is to help you find peace and clarity with lifes challenges and questions. Bring balance and closure to old situations while catapulting new ideas and possibilities into the stratosphere.

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What people are saying about working with Morning Star Woman…

~I was making a decision to take a job that required me to move my whole family across the country. After my reading with Morning Star I decided not to move and a week later a better offer showed up that did not require a move.  Thanks for the clarity Morning Star.  ~June

~I have personally worked with Morning Star and found her guidance and expertise to be right on.  Thank you Morning Star for all your help. ~ Tasha

~Morning star helped me to put to ease the loss of a pet and parent.  She is the real deal. ~Larry

~I was always skeptical about psychic readings, but after meeting Morning Star Im sold. I got info and clarity beyond anything I ever expected.  She is kind relatable and accurate.  After her reading I was able to see the opportunity I was looking for unfold in the next few week.  Thanks Morning Star!   ~Fred

~I have personally worked with Morning Star not only as a writer but also as a Shamanic visionary.  She is simply the amazing.  I normally go on for hours with big fancy words but they will not do justice to the gift she brings to the table when working with you.  She is a true Conscious Shifter.    ~ Tracey


About Morning Star

D.L Richards, also known by her First Nation name- Morning Star Woman has produced a fantasy novel Luna of The Bastlings – (Journey to the Upper World),the first of the trilogy series. Her other works include, Hurricanes, Marriage and Coffee with Einstein, and Morningstar Revealed; A Two Volume Series of Poetry. Outside of her writing world, D.L. is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, as well as a Certified Energy Healer in several modalities. Her literary influences range from Hugh Prather to Douglas Adams, and much of her work is based on her own spiritual experiences and knowledge from her First Nation and Welsh heritage. She is the mother to one beautiful daughter, a neurotic mini dachshund, and a grocery bag licking cat.


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