August 2014- Getting to The Core

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August 2014 Conscious Shift

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Conscious Shift Magazine August 2014

Getting to the Core….

What does it mean to get to the core?  Core as defined by the dictionary is, the foundational part, distinctly different from the whole. For example the main business section or downtown area of a city is the core of the community. Core is also defined as the center of and inedible part of some fruits.

When you look at the core like this you begin to understand it’s importance. The core is the support and foundation of the all. In people it is our inner most place, the part of us we don’t always want to see because we are not able to digest it. Our core, just like a city or piece of fruit holds our essences, the place where who we are and what we could be lives.

Getting to that core and then loving that core is the key to unlocking our greatness and finding our possibility. Clearing a path to the core gives us the most valuable gift we could ever receive; it gives us back to ourselves. It gives a beautiful view of who we are and what could be.

While the core may be inedible and often difficult to get to, it is where the answers live that hold the truths we seek. Going to the core is where you find empowerment, healing and possibility. Getting to the core introduces you to you for the first time.

Neo’s path to core… meditating  peacefully undercover while stalking a play toy.
Something special is Shifting in the Community.
See what new idea are taking root for a changing world.
Welcome down the rabbit hole.

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Peace & Joy
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