August 2017-The Gift of Contrast

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Embracing the Magic of Contrast

Welcome to the August 2017 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine.

This month we are having a Conscious conversation about contrast. The definition of contrast according to the dictionary is as follows:

con·trast noun ˈkänˌtrast/ – the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.

By definition contrast is the opposite of something. The day and night, black and white, happy or sad, summer and winter, and so on. With that in mind it would seem that The Gift of Contrast is what happens when we experience an opposing dynamic.

The best example I have for contrast and the gifts it brings is when I met my wife, Moonbeam.



I was just crawling out of some heavy contrast and found myself starting at zero. Then one day she just showed up at a picnic.  She was the exact opposite of anything or anyone I had ever experienced.  She gave because she chose to and not because she wanted something in return. She taught me to appreciate the simple by simply being kind. Her gifts were subtle and yet they felt like she was handing me the entire world on a silver platter.

For me, The Gift of Contrast Moonbeam brought was that sometimes you must experience the dark so that when the light shows up you relish it. That if you view each moment as magical than magic is what you will see.

Please understand The Gift of Contrast is not about material or needing someone else to help you find them. The Gift of Contrast is about appreciation and understand that for every dark side there is also a light side. In every heartbreak, there is healing and in every moment of vulnerability there is great strength.  The Gift of Contrast is that you begin to know that you are now and always have been complete.


Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.





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