August 2020- Thriving in The Face of Change

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August 2020


Change can be painful.  In fact, to some it’s worse than having teeth pulled. Let’s be honest how many of you count the days excitedly until we change the clocks? Or what about going to work at a different time after you have had the same schedule for 10 years? Makes you just tingle with joy, right? Better yet what about the changes happening in our world right now?  How many of you love social distancing or wearing a face mask?

Like it or not, right now, we are neck deep in change and the change is changing everything.  For most it’s painful and daunting.   Yet it’s the only way we grow and move forward.

Change, and all the discomfort it brings, seems to be the only way we can move forward to a new version of possibility.  A possibility that is creating a platform for long term thriving.

Yes, change is hard.  And yes, it kind of sucks, ok really sucks, but apparently we are requiring things to get hard so we can understand the power we each possess. The power to be our grandest version. The power to Thrive in the Face of Change.

We all possess it. This power or ability to move through life’s challenges and thrive as a result. 

It’s the challenge that brings out the thriving part of who we are. Our thrive mechanism is embedded in our being and is expressed through our body.  In fact, we showed up on this planet to play with this ability, this thriving mechanism.  It’s this thriving mechanism that allows us to embrace the magical transformation that comes from change.

Now if this is true than why is change so difficult?  My answer to that is one that comes from divine inspiration and knowing. It is difficult because we have forgotten who we are.

We have forgotten that we are a piece of God and that we own the peace of God because we are one.

Please don’t get caught up here on the word “God” and miss the message like so many of us have in the past. Bottom line is this, no matter how you identify with creator we are all thriving mechanisms.  We are all manifested creations of the grandest version of our greatest vision.  There is nothing we can imagine, handle or heel that we cannot have do or resolve, because we are God and God is us.

When this moment has passed, and when all is said and done, we will understand joy in a more meaningful way. We will feel connection more deeply and we will respect life more profoundly.  When all is said and done, we will have remembered what it means to be vulnerable and strong.  We will honor the new beginnings and respect sacred endings.  We will feel the awakened peace of God inside of us and we will remember who we are.

When all of this is said and done, we will have a whole new respect for ourselves and change.   We will understand the blessing and power it brings because we will all understand that life is about Thriving in The Face of Change.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of Thriving in The Face of Change



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