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Awaken the Healing Energies Within


10583938_559541414203169_5988707747127320361_nAwaken Wellness Center where healing is done naturally. At Awakening Wellness Center we merge a combination of proven ancient eastern healing modalities with the latest in modern natural wellness approaches. It is this combination that helps  your body and mind to  find your optimal health.




We Focus on helping you with the following.

Stress Reduce

Excess stress is believed to be one of the root-cause of most degenerative diseases – we specialize in giving our clientele both stress reduction therapy and methods they can use for coping and reducing every day stress.

Immune Support

The place that Excess Stress weakens is our Immune System. Which can leave us open to all manner of disease; so once we get you on the road to reduced stress – we have many tools to help restore your immunity and health.

Eastern Therapies

We also offer a number of forms of time tested Eastern Therapies – such as Acupuncture, Tibetan Bowl Vibrational and Sound Therapies, and more – to “Kick-Start” your return to Optimal Health

We Offer

Maria-Sound-Therapy-300x200Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy

We are the only certified Tibetan Bowl Sound therapy Practitioners in the area, trained by a Tibetan Master. Tibetan Bowl therapy will work wonders for stress reduction and body/ mind rejuvenation.



Meditation-300x200Medical Qigon

We are certified Masters in one of the world’s oldest known Eastern Healing Practices. Qigong is practiced by more people than any other healing modality on earth. It encompasses many healing philosophies that they have been adopted by our Western culture.


Awaken Wellness CenterAcupuncture

Acupuncture is the best known of the Eastern forms of Medicine. We utilize the most advanced forms of this practice to bring health to a multiplicity of life’s challenges; including relief from pain, improved immunity, ease of joint problems, improved sleep, better digestion, and more.



At Awakening Wellness Center we combine these modalities to create a powerful healing and stress reduction experience that caters to your needs. Awaken your Wellness potential today.

For more information visit us at Awaken Wellness

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