Awakening Into The Sun

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© Fyle –

On March 6th-8th 2015, St Petersburg, Florida was host to the event, Awakening Into The Sun, and Conscious Shift Magazine was there to bring you the highlights.

This three day event that focused on mindful living started off with an evening at the Palladium.  Event speakers were, Temple Hayes , Julie Moret and Michael Bernard Beckwith. In addition to amazing speakers attendees were treated to the musical talents  of TJ Vanderpool and Ricky Byers Beckwith, and the fun didn’t stop there. After the show speakers mingled with the crowd  and signed books while sharing inspiration with the crowd.

On Saturday and Sunday the event continued in South Straub park with wellness booth, free hugs, health and wellness events, and speakers thru out the weekend.

If you missed the event no worries we captured the highlights. Watch the video below and see what new ideas took root as the town of St Petersburg Consciously Shifted and Awakened Into The Sun.

Event Planners had this to say about the event.

“Our mission is to educate the general public on the benefits of natural wellness, and enhancement of our planet’s environment. To accomplish this we facilitate and promote events, workshops and seminars. We also provide individual counseling to aid in the understanding and disseminating of these programs to any who wish to participate.

Awakening Into The Sun is an annual Celebration of Health, Wellness and Spiritual Connection. Bringing diverse communities together to share in the wondrous power of the human mind, body and spirit.

Centered in the beautiful, internationally recognized community of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, Awakening has found a venue in full, rich support of its Mission……” AITS Leadership Team.

This is the third year for Awaken Into The Sun and it shows no sign of slowing. For more information about Awaken Into The Sun and future events visit Awaken

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