Awakening: The Deeper Meaning of Life

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Living A Life of Awareness

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Life is a dance on the grand ballroom of life.  When you dance you change partners, listen to the music, lose your step, dance on a variety of floors, miss a step, fall, get up, or hear or do not hear the music. Regardless of life choices, the dance of life goes on. We experience many challenges and difficulties, sadness, grief, happiness, and joy and on a deeper level we know how to dance and move in life.  And even though we know how to dance in life, we sometimes choose otherwise.  And we do not listen to our inner knowing and guidance. We stay stuck in our difficulties, pain, challenges and remain in our stories. Acknowledging the golden nuggets in our experiences helps us to learn, grow and move beyond them.

As we dance in life our souls evolve. The healing of the soul is more painful than breaking all the bones in your body. It is as painful as you resetting your own bones. It is the deepest tending to the healing of oneself. As you experience the full reality of what distortion really is, distortion may present something in a way that looks different than the truth and what is real.

There is no such healing unless the soul is laid bare and the heart is willingly and gently completely undone.  There is something that really changes on a deeper level and that is your language. Language is the meaning and the shaping of knowledge from experiences. For the inner language to change, the heart has to change.  Your heart has to become undone and undistorted; then come back together in a right and healed way. When you let your heart be still any distortion in your heart has the opportunity to come apart. A real heart can undistort the soul.

This is the deepest tending to the healing of oneself. Following through to such depths in being true within yourself makes you a profoundly understanding soul. And then, the seeing you have from within comes directly from the depths of your soul. This would also make you an experienced soul.






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