September 2016- Back to Basics

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September 2016

Back to Basics

Hello and welcome to another edition of Conscious Shift Magazine.

This month Conscious Shifting is about getting back to the basics.  Going back to simply being in an effort to make your life easier.

September 2016

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When I set out to create this month’s theme article I had all kinds of great information and pointers.  It was my intention to give you the “Urban” definition of the basics. Then I planned to give examples of how to incorporate this “Urban” definition so you could implement “Back to Basics” into your everyday life. This was the plan until I got a text message from my partner in Shifting this morning.

For the past six months I have been finishing up the details on my book and preparing to launch Conscious Shift Publishing. To say the least it’s been a bit crazy. The book has been an emotional rollercoaster and the publishing company has been a learning curve. The experience has been an adventure and somewhere between publishing and writing I lost sight of the basics. Then this morning I received a text from Moonbeam, my partner in Shifting.

She reminded me that our meeting was not by chance. That before we met me she was content with her life and that meeting me Shifted everything.  She then pointed out that being with me made her challenge her basics. That each time I asked her to tumble down my rabbit hole of something new like energy medicine, acupuncture, or spiritual stuff she created a new version of “Basics” for herself.  She then shared with me that the day she met me was the luckiest day of her life. How blessed am I.

What does my story have to do with getting back to basics? I’m not sure but I hope it sparks something in you that will remind you to stop and appreciate the basics in life; to make time for quiet moments, to breathe deeply and to do so often, to stop getting caught up in the doing of life and instead just be, to count your blessings and recognize the beautiful people in your life, and to start acknowledging the basic beauty in the world and in you.


September 2016And no issue would be complete without input from our Conscious partner in Shifting Neo. Here you see him busy at work giving me insight and guidance as he sits under the rabbit hole of possibility.






Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

Peace & Joy
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