The Balance Box – Part II

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Following up with Lauren McLaughlin  and creating balance with your Balance Box.


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The Balance Box – Part II

Have you built your Balance Box yet?

In the July issue of The Conscious Shift, I wrote an article titled “The Balance Box”, which offered instructions for creating a vision board, based on the Bagua Map used in the practice of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese Art of placement and it is primarily practiced to provide for peaceful physical space in one’s home or work place. But serious Feng Shui practitioners know the same tools can also be applied for creating harmony and balance in one’s personal life. When used for that purpose, the practice is known as “Internal Feng Shui”.

January is the perfect month to build your Balance Box or to update the one you built in July. As you work with your Balance Box throughout the year, you will love seeing the pictures you posted to help you maintain your focus become tangible objects and objectives in your real life experience.

For instructions on how to build your own Balance Box, go to: “The Balance Box”

“Skew Gee”, “Cattywampus”, “Ski-whiff”, “Out of Whack”, are all phrases that describe life without a Balance Box

We all have had the experience of facing unexpected circumstances that seem to suck up our full attention. Perhaps you got sick, or had an accident that forced you to focus on healing first and everything else second; or you faced a serious career challenge, or a divisive disagreement with your significant other. Whatever the nature of your crisis, it can consume you until it gets resolved and then what? You look around and every other area of your life is suffering from neglect.

When you become adept at using your Balance Box properly, you will not allow yourself to become quite so distracted, at least not for as long a time period, because the fall-out won’t be worth it to you. You will just be more aware of how hard it is to regain your balance once you lose it, which will encourage you to take steps not to lose it in the first place. Checking in with your Balance Box regularly will help you to keep your life in a better perspective and remind you that you can ask for help from the helpful people in your life, anytime you seem to be heading in a dangerous direction.

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Plan to Invest at least 30 minutes a week to create a more productive present and a brighter future

It is wise to review your Balance Box at least three times a week. If you created it on poster board and can move it around, pick a comfortable chair whenever you can spare a few minutes, prop the Balance Box up in front of you and study it in its’ entirety. (If your board is hanging on a wall, you will have to bring your chair to it.)

Then work your way around the board, square by square, from left to right in a full circle. Keep in mind that the center square represents the Source of all your good, so it’s important (and effective) to include gratitude to that Source in your Balance Box practice. Start in the upper left hand corner and review the pictures you have posted of things you want to draw into your life experience. For example, if you have posted a picture of your dream car, admire it and be grateful for your new car in advance, and also be grateful for the car you already have. If you have time, take a few extra minutes to be grateful for all the cars you’ve ever had, because being grateful for the things you have already received reminds you that your Source is a generous and loving One.

Doing this review of all the things you have posted in the eight areas of the Balance Box – and expressing gratitude for each one, should take less than ten minutes. Repeating that practice three times a week means you are willing to invest 30 minutes of your time weekly, (spread out over three days), to create a rich and meaningful future.   You will be amazed to look back in a matter of just months and count the number of ways the posts on your Balance Box have become realities in your experience.

Build your Balance Box from the true desires of your heart.

The most successful Balance Boxes are built on personal integrity. Everything in your  Balance Box must be a desire of your own heart. This is not the place to concern yourself with anyone else’s wishes, needs or intentions for you. Your Balance Box is all about you; nobody else but you. That’s why this Spiritual practice is called Internal Feng Shui.

“Make sure you visualize what you really want, not what someone else wants for you.” Jerry Giles – author of Moneylove   Giles, J. (1983). Moneylove. New York: Warner Books.


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