Balancing What’s Within

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 Author: luigi giordano

Author: luigi giordano

One way to Balance within is to allow yourself to Love and Be Loved. In the midst of the strong and powerful currents of energy we are experiencing, balance has become one of the most sought-after experiences.

The Gabriel message card of balance.

This card reminds me that allowing myself to receive love is just as important as giving it. Love comes in many forms. How many times do I shy away from a sincere compliment? What about those times when, for varying reasons, my receiving channels are closed to those who want to support me?

Often I find it so much easier to give love to others than allow myself to receive it. But this card makes me question that practice. If I am more focused on giving, doesn’t that block the flow of receiving? And when I start to think of all the other places that I might be shut down to receiving, such as to the flow of finances or creativity, it becomes a much bigger deal than turning aside a compliment that was well-meant. I cannot afford to block the flow of supportive energy towards me.

Receiving graciously the support being offered is an important way to demonstrate gratitude to the bounty in the Universal flow of Good towards me. When I allow myself to be willing to receive, my heart is opened to the new opportunities to receive love and support that are a part of my daily experience.

I Now Allow Myself to be Loved and Supported on all levels.

 Author: luigi giordano

Author: luigi giordano

The biggest discovery for me is finding that just loving myself turns out to be the most empowering and fastest way to bring me back into Balance. Leaving myself swinging in the breeze without my own support and love has been an old habit and one that is no longer workable. My inner guidance surges forward to let me know in myriad ways that I have disconnected from Source energy and there are beings of Light waiting to help me. It does not feel good when I am closed down to receiving. I don’t have the energy I need to do what I love and would most uplift me.

One of my favorite long-time affirmations is: I Now Allow Myself to be Loved and Supported on all levels. In times of resistance to the flow, it is often difficult to remember, but the power of opening my heart to myself is the key to coming home to Balance within.

Everything I do has this intention for alignment at its’ base. I am recognizing that Love is my guiding force and coming from my heart is the key for Balance. When I come from this place, the energy I feel within helps me to know that I am connected to my Soul and doing the work I came on Earth to do.

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