Be Yourself: Everyone Else is Already Taken

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Goal, Purpose, Activity


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I’m married. I have a son in college. We have two dogs. I own a chiropractic practice.  I am the Director of the School of Metaphysics where I’m also a student and teacher.  I never seem to get to all the items on my ever growing ‘To Do’ list!

I used to think I was a pro at multi-tasking though I would occasionally forget something, or I’d sometimes get distracted when something else came up.  It felt like I was holding long poles in each hand and spinning plates instead of mindfully balancing rocks near a quiet stream.  I lacked focus and purpose.  I certainly wasn’t mindful or in the present moment.

Integration means whole and undivided.  I believe it’s the ability to keep your mind on the whole as you work on one task. When I changed how I perceived multi-tasking, I became more efficient with time left over to do other things.  As I strive to put my full attention on what I am doing in the moment while also seeing the big picture, I get things done while staying true to myself.  To see the big picture, you need an Ideal of who you are becoming (be-ing versus do-ing!).  Deciding what direction you want to move in gives you a point of focus and keeps you moving forward – even if you zig and zag a bit.

G + P + A = success!  Goal plus Purpose plus Activity equals Success. Figure out what you want then create goals in order to achieve it. (e.g.:  What you want to learn like clear communication or leadership; or setting aside time daily to meditate).  Purpose helps to understand why you want to do or be that, whether to build confidence or to understand honesty.  Activity is simple – you must take action to achieve what you want.

It’s not always easy to determine that what you want is really what you want – not someone else’s expectations (those dreaded “should’s” from society, mom and dad, religion, peers, etc.). Your best advice comes from your Inner Self.  Quiet your mind and listen to your intuition, that inner guidance. The next step is to make a list of the ten things you want and then to prioritize the items.  Maybe it’s physical things like a new house, car, or job. Or maybe you want greater focus or better control of your emotions. Maybe it’s something more spiritual like inner peace or a stronger connection with God.

Now, create a strong image of what each item looks like or what  you would look like when you become that and visualize each item several times a day.  Make copies of the list – carry one with you, put one by your bed or at your desk at work so you can put attention on it throughout the day.  Once you obtain or achieve something on the list, replace it with a new item.  It’s your list and it will evolve as you do.

There’s a very important practice where you can include your GPA and 10 Most Wanted called the “Hour of Power” (or ‘five minutes of power’ depending on how much time you choose to set aside each day!).  I start with deep breathing to help me get centered.  Then I read something inspirational – a verse from a holy work like the Bible or Bhagavad Gita, or a favorite quote.  I might add some physical exercise or energy movement like Tai Chi or Qi Gong.  I always finish with several affirmations (I AM statements like “I am confident”, “I am connected”, “I am whole”).  I prefer to do it in the morning to set the tone of the day.   You may choose to do it at lunch, in the evening, or several times throughout the day.

Recently, while giving a talk about healing meditation, I experienced what it is like to be integrated.  I shared from my personal journey, drawing upon all areas my life.  I was simply sharing me!   It was effortless.  People were interested and engaged.   I was able to tie it all together – integrate it:  a little chiropractic, a little metaphysics, a bit from my old corporate life, my experience as a wife and mother, my spirituality…me!  I felt connected and fully integrated.

Integration is bringing everything in your life together realizing YOU are the total of your experiences.  You don’t have to wear your mom hat, then run to put on your business hat, then switch to your yoga hat.  Allow your true Self to come through in all that you do.  Speak from the heart and share your wisdom with those around you.  Others will be attracted to you and you will have more influence in the world.  Be yourself.  Let your light shine!!!






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