Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

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November 2014

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Do you know how beautiful you are?  Honestly, are you aware of your profound effect on consciousness?  We are like petals on a flower radiating with vibrant color and emitting a fragrance of divine cosmic scent.  We were all born unto this world from a conscious orgasm.

Understanding this can have a profound effect on remembering that we all originated from source.  What is source?  Source is what created this Universe of wonder.  It is the Cosmo’s and anything that exists in this time, space continuum.  We are compacted units of the Universe with it’s pulse of life.  We breath as the Universe breaths.  We go with the flow of life like a gentle river or the force of the waterfall.  We have the ability to birth life through us in love.

Our bodies are made up of 70% water like the Earth.  Our veins circulate our blood nourishing with the unknown force of the creator.  Our muscles contract and expand like the density of the earth’s crust forming our own strong foundation.  Our heart beats with the universal hum “OM” emitting our thoughts back into the ether.

Do you ever wonder about the magic and force that keeps our bodies functioning?  The instinct of something grand beyond our comprehension.  Think of a butterfly and it’s metamorphosis.  What is it that takes through it’s stages?  The butterfly does not “think” about the changes, it is pure instinct and evolution.  There is no thought involved, only love. There is no struggle in the butterfly’s metamorphosis of beauty and evolution.

We evolve through our stages in life through love.  Visualize a newborn and how it looks to you through the eyes of love.  A dog who comes to you with the excitement of it’s spirit.  They only have love to share.  What a gift they are.  The feelings they invoke in your soul is true beauty.  They are constant reminders of our source for they are truly connected.

Each of us is raised in our own cultural society.  Each society has it’s own thought and projection of the world in which we are raised.  It is passed on through the generations in which we have the choice to decide for ourselves whether we believe or not.  We then go forth into the world and learn through others and their own display of belief.  The belief I write about is beauty.  Does it come from an outside source or an internal source?  Were you raised with the constant reminder of your beauty?  Did your parents instill the natural instict of the divine and show you how to remember?  Perhaps you were one of the lucky one where the answer is yes, but for the majority of us, the answer would be no.

We have forgotten the power that each one of us instills.  Somewhere along the way, we forgot that the answer lies within.  We turn to outside sources to feed our souls.  The problem with this is that outside sources are not ours.  If we take an example of a model in a magazine, we are lead to believe that this is beauty, for this is what we take in through our senses and belief system.  The problem with this belief system is that it is through the eyes of others, and not our own.  We have the choice to produce our own thoughts about the situation.  It is through the eye’s of the beholder that decides.

It is through the eye’s of the beholder that decides.  Isn’t this an empowering statement?  When was the last time you looked deep into your eyes without judgement or thought?  Do an experiment and see what happens.  Find a mirror and lean forward so your face is close.  Say “I am beautiful” and see what happens.  If thoughts arise, let them go and try again with the intent of emptying your mind.  Just feel.  You will get a first hand self analysis.  Was it positive or negative?  If it was negative, understand that it is a compilation of thoughts throughout your life.  Your responses to others thoughts.  Honestly, they are not yours and should not be trusted.  Anything that is not love, strength, beauty is not worth listening to.  Just as you have the choice to tune into radio stations that fuel your mojo, you have the choice to make your own station.  What would it consist of?  Classical, rock, hip hop or the blues?  Find the tune but make up your own lyrics.  It is simple as that!

If you need help understanding your own beauty, look at pictures of babies or animals.  They will help change your hormonal imbalance and nervous system.  It will alleviate any tension and drop your heart rate.  Pet a dog or cat and feel it’s heart rate synching with yours.  You are divine beauty at it’s finest.  You are the Universal pulse that helps with the gravitational pull.  You have the power and beauty to uplift yourself along with others.  This is why we are here on this earth.  Go forth with your head held high knowing that with every step you take, you are adding beauty to the world!

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