February 2021-Being A Catalyst

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Living an Authentic Life


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To be a Catalyst is to empower others to move upward and onward while maintaining personal strength and vision.  A Catalyst helps to propel others forward while standing firmly in the power of their own strength, energy, and being-ness.

With that said, I have to ask, “Are you a Catalyst?”

Are you someone who empowers others without giving every piece of energy you possess?  It can be hard to know the difference, the difference between being an empowering Catalyst or someone who is enabling.

When you are a Catalyst, you choose the success and wellbeing of others and yourself.  Every fiber of your being lives in a state of focus on how to find your higher good, because you see and know the best we all have to offer.  You live your life empowered and because of this you know others can do the same.  And you do this from a place that lacks judgement on both you and those around you.

Acting as an authentic Catalyst allow others and the Catalyst to choose their personal path, because the Catalyst knows there are as many different paths as there are people on this planet. While it’s not always easy to be a Catalyst, it’s one of the reasons we came here.

Being a Catalyst is about compassionately moving forward despite everything going on around you. It’s about moving upward and onward while standing firmly in the knowing that you authentically are a creation of the divine.  In others words, it is knowing you are Catalyst.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of Being A Catalyst.

Tracey R. Kern
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