Being A Conscious Creator

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Living life on purpose and full of joy, a life that allows you to be authentically you, takes more than just thinking positive thoughts, wishing, desiring and repeating prosperity mantras all day long. It’s a process of becoming a conscious creator, one who intentionally chooses the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are in alignment with the life one desires.

But the first step, as always, is becoming conscious of how you live your life now and what new choices you would like to make.

When we create something, we always craft its energetic form first as a thought or idea. You might say to yourself, “This year I want to live in joy. I want to take my part time work as an artist and make it my full-time job.” You think the thought and create an image, an energetic blueprint, of your new life.

You may picture in your mind what living as a full-time artist would look like, and you begin to create some sensations around the picture. You imagine sitting in your sun-filled studio on a Monday morning, with the windows open as the birds chirp from the tree in the yard. These sensory feelings add substance to the thought: “I want to become a full-time artist.”

As you do this, the thought-form grows in power and begins magnetizing to it other energies that are of the same frequency. You then move into the phase of trying this new idea on for size, assessing whether you can really truly have this newly updated lifestyle. You figure out costs and discuss it with friends and family, all the while test-driving this desire.

If you decide this is a comfortable fit, if you can energetically have it, then your thought-form begins to gain physical mass. Maybe you sketch out a redesign of the existing guest bedroom turned artist studio, or window shop for art supplies.

We create our lives this way, thought-form to reality, and we do it either consciously or unconsciously. If you had stayed in a dreamy, fantasy state about becoming a full-time artist, then the thought-form would have attracted more dreamy, fantasy energy, and you might never have gotten beyond the wishing and hoping phase.

Creating a life of your dreams starts by becoming consciously aware of what you want. Here’s an exercise to get you started:

Exercise: Be, Do, Have – Authentically
1. Make a list of twenty things that you want to be, do, or have. Include items that would help you live a more authentic life. Maybe you’ve wanted to swim with the dolphins or hike the Appalachian Trail. Maybe your dream is to start a new business, learn to sing on key or play the piano. Maybe going back to school or having a bigger home would help you feel full of joy and ease. On the other hand, you might want to be less frustrated when talking with your aging parent or to be friendlier to a new neighbor. Add events, things and circumstances to the list that would bring you joy and fill you with contentedness.

2. After you have made your list, sit in meditation and just tune into your intuition.

3. Take one item on your list and ask yourself the question: “Is this my want, or someone else’s?” Maybe one of your items is a “should” as in “I should own a home at my age.” Or maybe it’s someone else’s energy as in “My husband wants me to go back to school and get my degree.”

4. Whatever comes up, just sit with it. Determine whether the item is yours, or someone else’s. If it’s yours, keep it on your list. If it belongs to someone else, then see what your true wish, hope or desire is around that item. Maybe your idea morphs into something else or maybe you choose to scratch it completely off of your list. This is your list and your life. There is no right or wrong answer here, only your answer.

5. As you come out of meditation be in gratitude for all that you do have and all the ways that your life is full right here, right now. Know that as you learn to differentiate your wants and desires from those of other people in your life, you are taking the first step to living an authentic life – full of opportunities and choices based upon your true desires.

For the next week, keep refining your list, capturing desires that are authentically you. This is the first step in consciously creating your life.

By choosing to focus upon the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are in alignment with the life you desire, you become a conscious creator.

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