Blowing Up the Drama

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It’s not always easy taking responsibility for our actions. We know better, yet every so often we fall into the trap of blaming someone else or playing the victim. Yes, it happens, even to the best of us.

So what do we do when victim energy gets the better of us? We know we can’t change the events that are happening to us, nor can we change the other person. We know that the only thing we can do is change how we react.

Whenever I start down the road of blaming someone or something, I blow up a rose. Blowing Up a Rose is an energy tool that removes the shoulds, expectations, judgments, and criticisms out of our space. We call the victim energy out of our body and explode it into tiny bits of energetic dust. Follow along as I demonstrate how to Blow Up a Rose.

Blowing Up a Rose Exercise

  1. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Imagine a rose floating in front of your closed eyes. It can be any shape, any color, and any size. In fact, if you don’t like roses, then pick another flower or any symbol that feels comfortable to you.
  2. Next, visualize a giant magnet in the middle of this rose.
  3. Recall the events that upset you. Remember the story you are telling yourself about how it’s someone else’s fault, or you never get the easy break. Think of all the words, all the inner dialog about how it’s too difficult or that it’s someone else’s job, not yours. Bring up all the feelings of being mistreated, not heard, or getting the short end of the stick.
  4. Now, remember that you are in charge of you. No one else can take away your power. The events may not be to your liking, but that isn’t cause to blame someone or something else. Begin to see that the victim energy, the story of how outside forces are to blame, is false.
  5. Ask the magnet in your rose to pull your story toward it. Watch as each piece of your story leaves your body and moves away from you and into the rose. Watch the streams of color as they leave your heart, your mind, and your throat. Watch as the colors move into the rose. See how the rose grows bigger and bigger as the story sticks to the magnet. Feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter as all this excess baggage leaves your energy field.
  6. When the magnet has removed as much of your negative story or self-talk as you can, then blow up that rose. Watch it disintegrate and feel the story disintegrate too.
  7. Now that you’ve removed this story that isn’t true, you’ll want to fill in the gaps with energies that are in alignment with who you are right now. To do this, visualize a golden sun above your head. Ask for this golden sun to fill in with all your life force that you’ve left scattered in past or future events. Visualize bits of energy filling up this golden sun. Next, add some self-validation, worthiness, peace, or whatever energy feels good to you at this moment. Let those energies infuse the golden sun and watch it grow. When you’re ready, pop the golden sun and feel all those warm, validating energies flood into the crown of your head and then cascade throughout your body.
  8. Sit with all this incredible energy for a moment, and then come out of meditation.

Getting rid of the victim energy allows you to take back your power. You are in command of your life, no one else. It’s up to you. Your life is what you make of it. Choose your thoughts, choose your actions, choose your life.

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