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FullerLife C60

Buckminster Fuller, (or “Bucky” as he is known to millions) wrote 28 books, was awarded 47 honorary degrees and 28 patents. A 20th century renaissance man, Bucky was a humanist, an inventor (the geodesic dome, etc.), a futurist and, unbeknownst to almost all, was psychic.

Bucky could see the future.  Bucky knew what he saw, a world of peace, cooperation and abundance that would be seen as a threat by today’s political, economic and religious power structures. To escape their attention, Bucky only predicted events that were fifty years in the future and appeared unachievable. In 1979, he also predicted the existence of a new class of molecules that would later be named after him.

The Buckminsterfullerene is one of the largest objects to have been shown to exhibit wave–particle duality. Its discovery led to the exploration of a new field of chemistry, involving the study of fullerenes- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckminsterfullerene

In 1979, in a conversation with Marshall Thurber, Bucky described and built a model of the then-undiscovered C60 molecule; telling Marshall that C60 was “the lightest and strongest structure in the universe and would someday be used in medicine”.

In 1983, after being awarded America’s highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Bucky died. Two years later, in 1985 the molecule he predicted, C60, was discovered by three scientists who received the Nobel Prize for their achievement. In 1992, C60 was found to occur naturally in shungite, a mineral found in Russia, prized for centuries for its healing properties.

The scientists called the new class of molecules Buckminsterfullerenes because of their resemblance to Bucky’s geodesic domes; and, just as Bucky predicted, C60 had medicinal applications. C60 killed cancer cells, prevented the replication of the HIV virus, reversed the symptoms of ALS in laboratory rats and is such a powerful antioxidant, it is known as a free-radical sponge.

In 2012, researchers in Paris made an even more astounding discovery. C60, in a study to determine how much C60 was toxic, instead found that C60 extended the lifespan of laboratory rats by 90 %, a result they attributed to C60’s antioxidant properties.

Bottles of the Paris C60 formulation became available and, in 2018, Marshall Thurber was sent a bottle by a friend who wrote, “This may be a gift from Bucky from the past”. Marshall took the C60 and the next day the constant pain he had for two years from knee surgery was gone.

Marshall sent the C60 to his friend, Martha Schoon, who had a painful hip condition. Martha had met Bucky in 1981 at Marshall’s “Future of Business” school, the same event at which Robert Kiyosaki met Bucky; an encounter which changed Kiyosaki’s life and provided the inspiration for his best-selling book, Rich Day, Poor Dad.

Martha’s pain was also alleviated by C60. Martha then tried several brands of C60 and found the pain returned. Marshall had a similar experience. Only one brand (among the most expensive) eliminated the pain. Why it did so, was the question Marshall and his team wanted to answer.

Their research showed when C60 molecules are suspended in oil, they cluster into clumps, greatly reducing their antioxidant ability to neutralize free radicals. In the Paris study, the researchers had stirred the C60 continuously for two weeks to dissolve the C60 clusters suspended in oil. The study noted, “It is to be stressed that dissolved C60 appears hundred times more active than when it is in suspension”.


Their question was answered when former VP of Food Safety and Quality at the world’s largest bakery company, Len Heflich, joined the team. Already taking C60 (and he had a geodesic dome), after reviewing their research, he came up with a possible solution. It worked.

He dissolved the C60 crystals in a food quality citrus-based natural solvent and put the fully-solubilized C60 molecules on sublingual strips that dissolve under the tongue (patent pending). The C60 molecules, no longer clustered in oil, were now 100% bioactive “antioxidant sponges”.

In late 2019, the FullerLife team offered the bioactive C60 strips to friends and family for feedback. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. For more information about FullerLife Bioactive C60, i.e. science & research, FAQs, etc., go to https://www.bioactivec60.com/trial/#C60energy.

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