Calling Back our Own Life Force

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Energy, in the form of thoughts and feelings, has the ability to travel. When we find ourselves thinking of a work project late into the evening hours, our bodies may be home, but some part of us is still hanging around our office, desk or computer. Most people have an inordinate amount of their life force scattered about in the past, in the future, with their sick friend, or anywhere but in the present moment.  If we are constantly planning our future life, we’ve sent some of our life force off into the future. When our head is full of the argument we’ve just had with a neighbor, then we may be hanging out in their aura instead of our own. If our life force is scattered all over, we’re not fully present in our every day, present moment, lives.

By calling our own energies back to us, we remove the energy we’ve inadvertently left in our friend’s space, allowing them to become more of who they are—and we do the same for ourselves. We become more potent beings. We do this by using a tool called the Golden Sun.

The Golden Sun has two functions; one is to call back our own life force so that we can function at our full potential.  The other is to offer us a way to replace the mind chatter with energies that are more in alignment with who we truly are. When we fill in with energies such as peace, love, and self-acceptance, we dilute the power of the lower vibrational energies (fear, anger, resentment) offering us one more way to tame our inner critic.

Exercise: Filling In Your Aura with a Golden Sun

  1. Sit quietly with your feet on the floor and your eyes closed. Take a couple of deep breaths. Imagine a gigantic Golden Sun, about three times the size of your body, above your head. See the sun filled with golden light. Now place a giant magnet in this sun, and ask the magnet to call back your scattered energy from past events, and from time spent at your job or with family and friends. Feel all that energy zoom back into the Golden Sun.
  2. Imagine that energy being cleansed and restored to the frequency that’s just right for your body. This is your life force energy.
  3. Next, fill this Golden Sun with relaxation, peace, abundance, self-validation, or whatever quality would most benefit you in this moment. See those qualities permeate the sun, vibrating at a frequency that’s just right for your body.
  4. Now imagine reaching up and popping the Golden Sun. Let the deflated sun’s beneficial qualities flow into your aura and fill in every cell and membrane of your body.
  5. Feel yourself refreshed and enveloped in a cocoon of energies that are just right for you today. The world around you can be full of chaos and turmoil, but when you’re filled with your own energy, you can be relaxed, free from stress and turmoil.
  6. Sit in this wonderfully peaceful space of relaxation and fullness for a moment or two. When you’re ready, open your eyes and notice how you feel. Your body may be vibrating a little bit faster or you may feel a bit more focused or “all here”.

I use this tool constantly.  Anytime I feel a little bit depleted or not quite me, I consciously think of a Golden Sun filling me in with self-assurance, peace, tranquility, or whatever quality I would most like to have at that moment.

When you are “full of yourself”, filled to the brim with your own unique life force energy, there’s less room in your aura for mind chatter.  It’s free – it’s easy – and it’s oh so comforting.




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