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The Spirit of Our Best Friend

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Heart-warming stories of human canine connections are frequently shared on social media. Who could forget the small, stray Indian dog who followed the runner home across miles and miles of land, to finally become their new best friend. How often do we say, “It’s as if my dog chose me”?

I believe both as a species, and individually, dogs are here to share healing and messages of guidance with us. They certainly have an uncanny way of sensing what we need, when we need it.  Undoubtedly they share love, yet some of their most valuable teachings are shown to us in ways we at first may find uncomfortable. By embracing and acknowledging those teachings, pure transformation occurs.  We can find ourselves awakened beyond the mind, into a truly heart-felt, non-thought-based reality.

# Eat foods with a life-force energy.
You are worth it. Through owning our dogs we can begin our journey of understanding nutrition, and appreciating that all creatures are worthy of eating well. Your dog wants you to know, that includes yourself! If, as the saying goes, your dog is eating better than you do, you are missing the teaching. When you realize your own tremendous worth on this planet you will want to nourish your own body with the goodness that supports it and loves it. Nobody fulfilled their purpose on low vibe lunches.

# Value Planet Earth.
Dogs are here to remind us of our connection with nature,
where we truly belong as beings. It is every creature’s right to be able to literally walk the earth. By going barefoot, connecting skin to the earth, it is possible to access the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory electrons in the planet’s conductive ground. Dogs recognize this and often choose to lay on the earth whenever possible. Could you create opportunities with earth or ground yourself, to enhance both of your lives?

# Become aware of your limiting beliefs, judgements, and feelings.
All of our dogs’ behavior reflects back to us one or more of our: emotional blocks, heart walls, expectations, beliefs, judgements or fears. Dogs have the biggest heart per body mass of any animal on the planet. They are absolutely best placed to reflect the emotions our hearts feel. You can completely transform your dog’s behaviors simply by transforming your own emotional state of being.

# Stop trying to get everything ‘right’.
Life is never fully balanced, complete, final or correct. Everything is about learning, growing, trying, evolving.
The strongest influencers on your dog’s health and well-being are the emotions you emit from your heart. Your fears, worries and anxieties block the flow of their own emotions and actually contribute to issues of behavior or wellbeing. Letting go, by replacing fears with love, acceptance or even gratitude, allows for the peace you are trying to create by ‘getting things right’ with your dog. Recognize you are capable, you can trust yourself and actually, everything is occurring perfectly.

# Love from the Heart.
Love is different to attachment. Love comes from the heart. The heart trusts, the heart allows, the heart knows that all will always be well. The mind on the other hand can often mistake attachment and fear of loss as a love for something. Unconditional love means you can allow that being or person freedom and freedom of choice and know that by doing so, you gain that very feeling of freedom too. Dog ownership provides us with opportunities to face some of the strongest aspects of spiritual development.

# Live without blame, we are all equal.
Embracing equality means letting go of the belief that we live in a ‘dog eat dog’ world; that other people could be against us, or the world needs to change. Humanity is changing, growing and slowly realizing that beliefs about hierarchy, competition and comparison do not serve us anymore. We understand that only by changing ourselves, the world changes. That our children, parents, or partners do not require change, but we do. Dogs offer the final piece in the puzzle. A chance to empower ourselves to create and transform, rather than blame; the other dog owner, the other dog, the vet or even our dog!





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