Celebrate You: Build a Mental State that Expects Triumphs

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December 2014Celebration List“Celebrate good times, come on!”

Let’s add up our triumphs, big and SMALL, of the past year.

Don’t think you achieved any triumphs this year? Did you turn chronic tardiness into getting to work on time? Yep, that counts. Did you take down your ‘dating’ profile on a questionable online hook-up site? Yep, again. Did you say good-bye to artificial sweetener in your morning coffee? You guessed it, this counts too.

Feel these changes are too minute to matter? They are not! Every inch forward we march is just that— forward movement. So often we get caught up in requiring huge feats from ourselves before we even glance at it as a triumph. You did not have to become a monk, be promoted to Vice President, or launch a worldwide non-for-profit to consider your progress real. All your triumphs, big AND small, deserve to be celebrated.

Just imagine every time we dismiss our accomplishments as too small. The little kid in all of us shouts, “Hey! I liked taking my time in the morning, reading the racy comments on that site, and bombarding my taste buds. I gave all that up for YOU. You’re the one that’s into that personal growth stuff. What do I get in return? A big fat NOTHING. Thanks a lot.”

This is plain not fair and will make it harder to elicit your little kid’s cooperation in the future. You encourage the small stuff with actual kids, right? A lack of appreciation creates an atmosphere of drudgery- “I gotta do this thing I don’t like doing. I gotta stop that thing I like doing. Ho. Hum.”

When we celebrate all our triumphs big and small (here’s the best part) we create a mental state and attitude that supports, no EXPECTS, triumphs.

Here is an exercise to build your CELEBRATION muscles so that your body and mind will expect triumphs:

–    On a notecard or a post-it write down at least three things you can celebrate from this past year. Small stuff counts. (Remember the artificial sweetener.)

–    Tape or stick it to your bathroom mirror.

–    Smile to yourself as you read them at least once each morning and once each night.

“Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate)”

Be well. We’re together in the march. I’m rooting for you,

Love Susan

December 2014Celebration List







Here’s a peek at my celebration post-its. (I added some stickers.)


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