Change Thrivers: Your Resource Guide for Making Change Work

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Thriving In the Face of Change


Change Thrivers Resource Guide arms readers with effective tools to heighten their awareness and develop “Change Thriver” skills. Even though some people are naturally more resilient in meeting life’s challenges, everyone has the capacity to learn how to make change work for them. This practical book offers theories, personal stories, a self assessment tool, step-by-step techniques, and targeted exercises to help anyone who is motivated to become “change ready.” Change Thrivers shows readers how to focus internally versus externally, effectively improving their experience within their changing environment. Available in print and as an e-book.


What makes Change Thrivers Powerful

Editorial Reviews

“An effective blend of theory, experience and practical exercises for anyone wanting to live with power, awareness and self-determination.” –Cara Gubbins, Ph.D. Award-winning author of The Dolphins of Hilton

“The impact of personal experiences, insightful exercises and thoughtful quotes, empowers you to make change happen for the better.” –Susan List Mike, MD; Psychiatrist and Co-Founder of Joyful Genius

“Change Thrivers offers rich material for managing change. It addresses the sometimes fearful subject with intellect and compassion.” –Fran Powers, Founder of Powerstories theatre


Afsaneh NooriAbout the Author-Iranian born Afsaneh Noori is an accomplished speaker, coach, author and organizational consultant specializing in individual and corporate change. She has combined her personal experiences and career in organizational development to create this unique “how-to” manual for guiding anyone in the throes of personal transformation. Her Change Thriver message teaches individuals and organizations to embrace change and realize their undiscovered potential. From books and keynote speeches to seminars and workshops, Afsaneh empowers professionals to successfully navigate the uncertainty of change by trusting the process of life.

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