Changing Impossible to I’m-Possible

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April 2015

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This year, it is my intention to source out an energy field that alchemizes negative thoughts into love.  Everywhere I go, others will feel the effects of this high vibrational field.  They will walk away feeling different but will not be able to pinpoint where or how this change happened.  They will absorb this field of high vibration and help others by leaving their energetic imprint with every step.

This is impossible.  How am I going to achieve such a powerful impact on society?  I am just one person occupying this massive space on the earth.  What right do I have to think that I can change the world?  There are many brilliant minds out there that have probably sourced this out already.  What’s the use? It’s impossible!

Where does this thought of impossibility come from?  Our beliefs can be passed down from our families, friends, culture, mass media etc.  Perhaps beliefs are engrained in our minds from when we were young because we didn’t know any better.  Belief is something that we personally choose to form in our own minds about the way we choose to perceive the world around us.  It is our recognition that some idea or thing is true.  If that is true, then it stands to reason that we can choose to believe that anything is possible.  What if we decided to change impossible into “I’M-POSSIBLE”?

What if we were to believe with our hearts and minds that we could achieve anything?  We don’t have to search too far to see, hear, feel or taste these so called miracles.  There are many examples throughout history where “intelligent minds” have discovered breakthrough ideas.  Edison and the Wright brothers…just to name a few.   I prefer to give examples of people with whom we interact in everyday life.   If you have children, you have witnessed the transitional miracle from crawling to walking.  Do you think they had any doubt they could achieve that?  Absolutely not!  Do you know why?  They just did it, OVER AND OVER AGAIN, because the existence of doubt was NON-EXISTENT.  Their brains have not been hardwired with other people’s thoughts.  They may have gotten angry or frustrated, but they eventually got it.  There was no thought of impossibility at this time in life.

What about the fact that our bodies are different than they were 10 years ago?  There are absolutely no similarities.  Our cellular structure, organs and muscle formation are all different.  Do you ever wonder where this intelligent leading force that is directing this change is located?   What if we were to tap into this unknown source and speak directly through our thoughts with this infinite intelligence?  There are many people out there who have.  Seth, Abraham, Bashar (just to name a few ) are metaphysical teachers in an alternate map of reality who have connected with physical density.

If we were to learn ways of reaching our own human potential with concepts that are independent of our physical image, perhaps we would begin to understand that we are limitless.  There are numerous ways to go about this process.  We are all on this Earth with free will and can choose which direction is best for us.  Relentless pursuits of joy and passion along with hard work and service can align us with our limitless potential.  For example, if joy and passion are brought by music, then the alignment is brought upon the individual.  More and more creative thoughts are then produced.  If the individual taps into the creativity and learns to flow with the wave, intuitive knowledge comes knocking through their Soul.  The Universe starts to speak through their Consciousness.  Beethoven comes to mind.  Consciousness moved through him in waves producing healing vibrations.  A gifted child, he went on to compose some of the world’s most beautiful pieces of music.  It has been noted that the first 3 min of Beethoven’s #7, second movement has transformative effects.

Banishing our limited belief system takes courage and work.  If you were to go back and parent yourself, would you instill the impossible belief system or the I’M-POSSIBLE belief system?  Perhaps having gentle conversations with ourselves as we move through challenges will help.  Choosing the I’M-POSSIBLE mantra as we transition through our daily lives gives the solid structure of possibility.  What if we were to rewrite stories of failure into stories of success?  Write I’M-POSSIBLE notes everywhere.  What if we were to come up with ingenious ways or formulas to inspire ourselves and others?  Just the idea fuels the fire of inner reality.  There is more to us than meets the eye.  We represent the possibility of consciousness in this tiny package of physical embodiment.  When moving along the day, there is always the choice of I’M-POSSIBLE, which is I AM POSSIBILITY in its purest form.



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