Chaos to Clarity

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Building your spiritual infrastructure  with Julie Moret author of Whats Your What?


fotolia © Robert Kneschke

fotolia © Robert Kneschke

It was raining inside my house. Not a little sun shower but a full on torrent. The noise was the first thing that caught my attention early that morning as my son and I made our way downstairs. We rounded the corner and found Niagara Falls in our living room. Somehow a pipe of boiling hot water in an upstairs bathroom had burst in the night and sneakily gushed inside the walls all night long melting everything in its path and spreading throughout the entire ceiling of our first floor. By 6:00am my home was destroyed. Life changed on a dime.

I had no idea that two years earlier when I was writing my first book, What’s Your What? How to Ignite Your Unique Brand of Inspiration, it would turn into a survival manual for me in the days, weeks, and months after the flood. Back then, I thought I was writing a happy book to help people clarify, activate, and disseminate their unique gifts, but the day I watched a team of strangers pack out my entire house- everything I own- waterlogged and damaged, I realized, we need so much more. I realized how important it is to have a strong spiritual practice ready to support you at a moment’s notice.

When threats of shootings and bombings become daily conversation, we need more. My child’s school was cancelled one day and he matter-of-factly explained, “It’s because the terrorers might blow up our building today.” What kind of infrastructure have you built for yourself? What kind of spiritual scaffolding are we equipping our youth with? It is our job to get a strong base in place now, so we can all stay afloat and thrive, come hell or high water- in my case, I mean that quite literally!

When the demolition crew gutted our house down to the studs, when all the trappings of cute accessories and fancy products were removed from my life in an instant, I had to sit face to face with what I’m really made of. Thank God for all of the hours of research I had spent preparing What’s Your What. All the exercises and spiritual practices that I wrote about became my bread crumb path back to a sense of grounding and purpose.

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Whether it’s a major event like a flood, or simply day to day bumps in the road, you can build a bridge from chaos back to clarity. It starts with your infrastructure, your daily practices. Get them in place now so they can carry you through life’s inevitable storms. One easy tool is called Autogenics. Autogenics is a technique that teaches your body to respond to your own verbal commands so that you can control various bodily functions like breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature. The purpose is to establish deep relaxation and stress reduction no matter the circumstance. For a quick sample of the autogenics practice I wrote about, breathe in full and deep and relaxed. Exhale and let it all go. Now tighten up all the muscles in your body- legs, buttocks, belly, back, raise shoulders up toward your ears, fists, biceps, triceps, face, scalp… hold it, hold it, hold it… Release and let go. Repeat two more times and you will notice a new sense of deep relaxation in your body. Simple practices like this help burn off excess stress and tension.

During the first days of the flood experience, various demolition specialists kept checking on me to make sure I was okay. I seemed ‘too calm.’ At one point the building manager contacted my husband because she was so bewildered by my even, peaceful response in the midst of such calamity. I want to be clear, I was not happy about the situation and would never choose to go through such a dramatic event, but my spiritual infrastructure was in place, and thankfully, carried me through.

What practices do you already follow? How is your diet? Do you eat enough healthy, organic, life sourcing foods to fuel you properly? Do you regularly drink enough good water? Are you tending to your strength, flexibility, cardio? Do you give yourself quiet time- meditation, prayer, journaling, walks in nature? Sleep! Does your body have the rest it needs? What place fills your soul, keeps you grounded and inspired? My main savior was getting myself to the source of my spiritual good, Agape International Spiritual Center. As depleted as I felt, listening to my teacher, Michael Bernard Beckwith, and being nurtured by the music and fellowship, got me back on solid ground. Slowly, practicing the tools I had spent years researching to “help other people” in, What’s Your What, I was able to rebuild my own life the way the construction workers rebuilt my home.


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