Children Born Today are Here to Teach Us

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fotolia© Photocreo Bednarek

fotolia© Photocreo Bednarek

“I picked you Mommy”. My then three-year-old daughter Isabella looked directly into my eyes as she blurted out this statement one afternoon as we sat on the floor working on a puzzle.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of her statement so I asked …’what do you mean you picked me?”   “You picked me to play with you?”

“No silly, I picked you to be my Mommy when I was still with God, before I grew in your tummy. He lets us do that.”   I was speechless. Tears filled my eyes as I tried to wrap my mind around her words. I had known she was a divine blessing after I had unexpectedly become pregnant with her right after my 40th birthday.

That day marked the beginning of what would be (and still is) a mind-bending (and heart expanding) journey as a parent of a psychic child. When Isabella could start putting whole sentences together she would say things like “Mother Mary really likes you Mommy and wants you to know she is with you”. “Jesus says the most important thing we need to do is be kind and help someone if they are sad”. “Mommy, don’t be upset but I love God more than I love you and Daddy. But I still love you so much”. At first I wondered if maybe Isabella was verbalizing things she picked up from somewhere. But I knew she wasn’t hearing about heavenly beings during play dates or at preschool and we were not regularly attending a traditional church or ‘Sunday school’ at that time. And I’m not Catholic – so how did Mother Mary fit into all of this?!

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fotolia© kai

But the more she told me, the more I learned to really pay attention. And as she grew older, (she is now 6), her messages became even clearer and I could no longer entertain any doubt.

Isabella claimed that our elderly friend Dan, who had recently passed away, had come to see her. She said he was being silly and wearing a big hat. She also said he told her to tell his wife Joyce that he was happy and young again. I was silently trying to figure out how (or if) to share this with our friend. A few days later we went to visit her and upon arriving at her home, Isabella excitedly pointed to a decades old black and white photograph of Dan who was wearing a big straw sombrero. “That’s what Dan looked like when he came to see me – he was wearing his favorite big hat! See Mom?” Message conveyed.

I paid better attention the next time Isabella blurted out ‘random’ information out of the blue. I was frustrated about a lost package that the sender could not track and was venting about this when Isabella walked into the room and said “God says your package will probably be here tomorrow”. It came the next day.

Yes, I do believe children can be silly, make things up and ‘have imaginary friends’ but I also believe that ALL children are born ‘connected’ to God, it’s where they (and we!) came from! And as a result of my own experiences with my daughter and several other ‘psychic kids’ and their families that I have worked with, it is apparent to me that children born today have a unique awareness of God and the other side. And they are here to teach us and to remind us of our divine connection.

If you have a child in your life that is special to you that you think may ‘be connected’ or psychic, I’d like to leave you with a few helpful suggestions:

Keep an open mind. Be supportive even if you don’t understand it. And pay attention when your child is talking!   Gather as much God centered knowledge as you can about psychic children; there are several good books such as The Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue, and Psychic Children by Sylvia Browne, among others. You can find archived episodes of A& E’s ‘Psychic Kids’ on YouTube, and a new documentary style show about children who display past life memories on television. There are even online forums for parents of psychic kids so you can reach out to others in similar situations.

I also advise keeping a record or journal to document these experiences. Don’t press your child for ‘more information’ or ‘test them’. Just be objective and ask ‘open ended questions’ so you don’t unintentionally ‘lead’ them. Consider getting help from a professional counselor if you suspect there is an underlying mental health problem. And remember that YOU also were a child once, and being intuitive is a natural gift for everyone. Perhaps your child is trying to remind you of that divine connection we all have!

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