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Choosing to Trust Your Intuition


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It’s a wonderful and defining time to be alive!  A time to define ourselves and the world in which we live.  There are many opportunities to experience and to learn.  There are also a lot of distractions.  Distractions move our attention away from what is most important to us.  Distractions may have us spinning our wheels or may completely derail our efforts.  There are situations in which we can get caught up emotionally.  There are people who emotionally charge us.  They are all distractions.  And they are learning opportunities.

Distractions occur when we look outside of ourselves for truth and validation; when we allow ourselves to have scattered attention and become confused. Information is coming at us from all directions and can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to know what is real or fake.  The media is screaming at us to look in one direction instead of where we might need to look.  Advertisers tell us what they want us to hear about their products.  Social media is full of opinions and few facts.   It’s increasingly difficult to determine what’s best for ourselves.  Making a choice and sticking to a decision takes presence of mind and reasoning; it takes discipline.

We must identify what we truly want in life from the endless possibilities available.  When we merely think about what we don’t want that’s what we will attract.  There is a need to set goals, then to stay with them and to complete them.  It takes a lot of energy to stay focused.  It requires constant attention on our desires and less on the distractions surrounding us.  A desire to do something differently than those around us are doing; to not just “go with the flow”.  It takes effort to determine what needs to change in us to achieve those desires.  We can consciously adjust our plans as we learn and grow if our desires change; but if we refuse to make choices in the first place – to let things happen or stay open to the Universe – we are not powerfully creating our life, we are simply reacting to it.   It’s also avoiding responsibility (the ability to respond) and freedom comes from responsibility – the freedom to have what we want, to live the life we desire.

I’m learning to be an observer in my life which means keeping a keen eye (perception) on what’s going on around me while remaining as objective possible.  It’s a process.  I believe we are here to learn from each person we meet and every experience we create.  Ideally, an observer is not attached to their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions so they can see and experience things from different perspectives and see the big picture.  An observer can see the lines of probability of something before it happens and make the choice to create the circumstances in their life, to respond.  Being an observer means you’re able to remain neutral in a situation and see what’s really happening instead of simply reacting emotionally or energetically to someone or something.  If we can remain even-tempered, we can have productive conversations that don’t deteriorate into arguments with others who may have a different point of view, which happens when we are more interested in our opinion than an honest dialogue.

Contrast affects our observation powers.  I think of contrast when I take a picture – I can make the photo darker or lighter, and adjust the focus to get the accurate view.   Contrast is about the pairs of opposites – the positive and negative, the aggressive and receptive, the yin and yang.   It’s the Universal Law of Duality at work which helps us to see more clearly so we learn and create.  We’re able to see things from different angles which opens our minds up to possibilities.  We often allow contrast to become polarization when we get stuck in an extreme.  Stuck in our stuff!  Polarization can be judgmental – right or wrong, good or bad.  It’s important to realize that opposites are really part of the same thing!  They are not separate and one is not better than the other.  For example, it takes both the negative and positive poles on a battery to make it work; and it takes darkness for us to understand light.  Contrast helps us to learn and to reason with all the possibilities available to us.  It helps us to make choices and informed decisions.

By being an observer and remaining as objective as possible, we can stay true to what we want in our lives instead of being swayed by what’s happening around us.   We can choose to respond instead of reacting.  We can see the universal around us for a more global view and choose to act for the goodness of all concerned.





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