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The Evolution of Choice



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Moving through the last six months with the disruption of life as we have known it has been challenging for the vast majority of the world. As we have settled into our new routines and met the daily trials that have arisen, we are now coming to grips with a new reality with the coronavirus. We realize this situation is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Now is the time for us to choose what the present and future will be. We are the creators of our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical reality. As we release the fear of the past and the potential future, we must focus our energy on choosing the essential life we desire to incorporate in the future.

Quantum mechanics, the basis of which was discovered by physicists in the last century, informs us that the material portion of the Universe in minimal. The vast majority of what we see, feel, and sense around us is a result of energy in wave form. We create this reality in the collective and individual energy fields of our thoughts, feelings, and activities that manifest our beliefs. We attract the people, experiences, and things in our life by our beliefs and desires. Scientific breakthroughs in epigenetics over the last 20 years have shown we have the power to activate our immune system and deactivate unwanted genetic propensity to diseases and infections.

Despite the pandemic, racial and social unrest, financial uncertainty, and general chaos in the world, our belief system defines what is formed and retained in our individual lives.

Our beliefs become our reality.

Choose to focus on those aspects that serve a positive function for you and your family. Enlarge the scope of thinking and brain activity daily that keep you and others mentally alert, engaged, and stimulated. If you are not working or in school, decide what area of learning, study, or practice you would enjoy pursuing such as learning to play a musical instrument, developing a new skill, or practicing a foreign language. Engaging your mind and stimulating your brain staves off anxiety, stress, and depression. Avoid negative programming, hate sites, prejudice and discriminatory practices. These only reinforce the negative energy forces on the planet.  Promote support for love, inclusion, and compassion to increase your positivity practices.

Emotional engagement is essential for happiness, health, and longevity. Numerous studies support the concept that isolation and loneliness lead to depression and even suicidal tendencies. Choosing a strong social network of family, friends, and colleagues is critical to nurture us on those days when the world seems small. If you don’t have a circle of friends, look online for social networks of like-minded people with similar interests in books, movies, games, talking, positive thinking, or whatever catches your fancy. Others need connection too.

Be safe online but have fun in finding new acquaintances.

Discover programs for meditation, mindfulness, self-awareness, personal-development, and deeper spiritual awareness. If you have a religious or spiritual practice, being at home now offers an opportunity to explore your connection to the Divine, the Creator, the Universe, God, or however you characterize the All That Is. Take the extra time saved by not driving to work or school, to meditate or pray. Going within will uncover answers to questions that arise daily and will help us navigate through changing times.

Healthy activities to maintain physical wellness is a must in the present and future. At least for now, access to the gyms and some sports are limited therefore, establishing a routine practice to keep in shape is critical to health and well-being. Walking is still the best workout at any age. The whole family can participate, it is free, readily available, takes minimal equipment (good shoes are a must), and exercises the whole body. Walking in nature eases the mind and spirit as well as the body. Use recommended safety practices of wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands frequently to maintain public and private good health.

If the weather is inclement or walking is not practicable, there are many options for indoor activities. Online videos are available for calisthenics, yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, other martial arts forms, kick boxing, dancing, golf lessons, or whatever sport interests you. Keeping the cardiovascular system stimulated, muscles toned, lungs pumping, the lymph system moving, and the neural network activated, are all critical to basic health care. Long term health maintenance with exercise, nutritious food, sunshine, and quality air must be incorporated into daily life.

Self Awareness

When the basics are taken care of, then consider what else is important to your well-being. For me, I must live in a beautiful setting. I paint my walls in soothing colors. I hang beautiful pictures of scenery and inspiring artwork. I surround myself with books that interest and stimulate me. My bed is comfortable with a lovely, restful quilt. These things contribute to my sense of peace and harmony at home. Decide what is needed to make your home a place of long-term harmony and comfort for now and the future.

We can create our reality despite the efforts of others to hijack our mind and spirit. Avoid the messages of fear and chaos. Choose what is needed to create a desirable lifestyle that supports you on every level today and tomorrow. Choose life and harmony now and in the future by controlling your beliefs and creating a positive reality.






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