Choosing With Our Intuition

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Listening to Your Inner Voice


Within each person is an inner guidance system that is as old as the first one-celled organism. This guidance system is your intuition, your instincts, and your gut feelings. Every being on Earth has an inner guidance system, even you. This system is meant to keep you safe, well fed, and of course, alive.

What does this have to do with making choices? In a word, everything! Years ago, when humanity was still living in caves, they counted on their instincts and intuition to maintain their health. If they trusted their instincts, they lived long and prosperous lives. If they failed to follow their intuition, they may not have lived very long.

Fast-forward to today, where few people rely on their gut feelings as guidance. People are often making the wrong choices, or choices that don’t serve their best interest. What if we were to tap into the guidance that our intuition speaks to us? Could we use our gut feelings as a way to guide us throughout our day?

I remember a conversation with my mother when she told me my friends made her uncomfortable. This was her intuition telling her something important. I didn’t agree, but in the long run she was right. The question then becomes, can we focus enough to feel our intuition, and then learn to follow its guidance? Since my conversations with my mother about my friends, I have learned to trust my intuition, and gut feelings as well. Though this has been a journey of trial and error, or trial and learning, it has been worth it. The challenge for me was to sift through all of the emotions I was experiencing throughout my day, to uncover what my gut feelings really felt like.

I would think to myself, was that a feeling of intuition, or was it the two hot dogs and soda?

The interesting thing about intuition is that when I follow the guidance, everything surrounding my choices flows smoothly. When I don’t follow the guidance, events unravel quickly. The lesson on trusting my instincts usually happens after things do not turn out well for me.

Have you experienced this in your life? What would it take for you to begin to listen to that little voice within you? The one telling you that your new friend will be a friend forever. Or that you do not want the job you are interested in because there will be something better for you. One thing to realize about your intuition is that it has your best interests as its main priority. Just like early man in the cave, your intuition is keeping you safe, well fed, and on the path to your best life possible.

At first, the challenge is to learn to trust the guidance your gut feelings speak to you. This trust is built through examining the result of your decisions, and whether you followed the guidance. For me, I have come to a point where I ask for guidance before just about everything I do. I know this may sound extreme, but I have found that even a drive to town for groceries can be an adventure if I don’t ask for guidance. The intention is to become so aware and in tune with your instincts that you know if it’s right to go to town at all. This then becomes a skill that is honed with practice. What about your next big decision, ask yourself if your choice feels right? Then pay attention to your intuition.

What does it tell you? What do you feel?

I live in rural Colorado and I ride motorcycles. One day I was all suited up for a beautiful July ride. The moment I left the driveway I had that uncomfortable gut feeling. I rode down to the next driveway and turned around. When I returned home, my wife said to me, “You weren’t feeling it?” We live life by asking for guidance and trusting our intuition. I didn’t have to explain it to her, she knew I had a funny feeling, and that going for a motorcycle ride was not in my best interest. The rest of the day went smoothly, without incident or drama.

This is one of many examples on how learning to listen, trust, then follow my gut feelings keeps me safe, and healthy. I have also learned there is no subject is off limits when it comes to asking my instincts for guidance.

With the New Year upon us, is it possible for you to uncover that little voice within you? Then see for yourself if you can make the best choices possible using your intuition as guidance. As you begin small, your trust will grow, until you will be seeking the guidance within you rather than going headfirst into any situation. Give it a try! Who knows? Before too long you will be making the best choices possible, all because of a funny feeling from your gut.

Happy New Year!


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