Clearing that Creates Healing

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© Romolo Tavani

© Romolo Tavani

A health professional trained in Essential Feng Shui knows that when a patient complains about the same symptom three times, a visit to the patient’s home is next. There, she can identify the problems in the ‘environmental body’ that are compromising her patient’s health, and once the space is remedied the patient’s health often improves.

Essential Feng Shui is practiced by people from all walks in life, including teachers, designers, and business owners. It shows you how your surroundings are intimately connected with your well-being. This connection between your space and your body becomes obvious when you open your Essential Feng Shui eyes and take a look around.  Before, you may have sensed that something wasn’t right about a particular space, but you couldn’t identify what it was. Now, you can detect exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Being able to identify and correct issues in your environment that jeopardize your vitality is transformational. You can take a good look around your bedroom and know why it encourages either restful sleep, or chronic insomnia. You can walk into your kitchen and see why it’s a magnet for happy healthy cooking, or a place you never want to spend time in. You can step into your office and notice how it’s promoting your success, or draining you dry.

Imagine interpreting the qualitative effect of every space and possession surrounding you. Clutter takes on a whole new meaning when you see it as the environmental equivalent to chronic congestion or constipation. You pay closer attention to what things make you feel irritated, confused, or overwhelmed, knowing that it is perpetually stressing your immune system.

Connecting with your surroundings to sustain your health and vitality is easy when you know what to look for. With your Essential Feng Shui eyes open, you can become your own environmental healer.

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