Clearing the Mind Chatter

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Have you listened to your inner dialogue lately?  Is it full of phrases of unworthiness and self-doubt?  It’s hard to live a fully engaged life, filled with purpose and meaning, if your mind chatter is the dominant force of your life.

I use a tool called a grounding cord to help me clear out some of the mind chatter, allowing me to connect with my intuition and my own true wisdom.

A grounding cord is literally an energy cord that connects your body to the center of the earth. It acts like a vacuum cleaner, helping you efficiently release all those thoughts and feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt.

A grounding cord can be visualized as any object.  A strong rope with an anchor on the end, a hollow beam of light, or a stretch of silk are all visuals that I use at varying times, depending upon my mood.

The most important thing to remember is that this tube of energy will automatically carry energy out of your body depositing it deep within the earth’s core. Attaching your aura, as well as your body, to this grounding cord, allows your full energetic system to be connected to the earth.

Your aura surrounds your body and extends about eighteen inches out in all directions, including below your feet.  When I first started grounding, I found it a little unusual to think about my aura extending below the floor. I had to step out of my three dimensional view of things and remember that energy is like air, it exists whether I can see it or not.

As I let my mind accept this idea, without trying to analyze it, I could then picture this area below my feet where my grounding cord and aura meet.  In fact, as I set the intent for the two to merge together, I could actually “feel” them fusing together, forming an air tight seal. The following exercise may help to cement this visual in place.

Exercise: Releasing Mind Chatter through Your Grounding Cord

  1. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your eyes closed. Take a couple of deep breaths and imagine a wide, hollow tube of energy out in front of your closed eyes. Now imagine attaching the grounding cord to your body, where your hips and thighs meet. Feel the weight of it around your body as it draws you deeper into your chair.
  2. Imagine this thick heavy cord falling from your hips, below your feet, through the floor, and continuing down to the center of the planet. Visualize it falling below the earth’s crust, below the rocks, the minerals, into the soft, molten core of the earth. Imagine hearing the thud as the grounding cord hits the earth’s center, anchoring in place. Feel a slight upward tug as it lets you know that it is completely anchored and secure.
  3. Picture your aura around your body. See it enveloping your physical body in a cocoon of pulsing, vibrating energy.  Imagine this bubble of energy extending above your head and below your feet.  Bring your awareness to the area below your feet, where your aura meets your grounding cord. Imagine fusing your aura to your grounding cord, making an airtight seal. Know that any foreign energy in your aura will now be able to drain down your grounding cord.
  4. We often store our self-doubt and unworthiness as tension in our body. Bring your awareness to a place in your body where you feel some tension, perhaps your shoulders or your feet. Now intend for the tension to release. As it does so, imagine the energetic tension dropping out of your body and aura and falling down the grounding cord. Give your body permission to release all that stress, all that self-doubt and invalidation. You don’t need to store it in your system. Release it all. Imagine all that energy returning to the earth. Watch it dissipate.
  5. Take a couple of deep breaths. Slowly open your eyes, get up, and walk around. Notice that your grounding cord is still in place, anchoring you to the planet.  Some people immediately feel a little bit more focused and centered.  Others notice a more pronounced feeling when seated, rather than standing.  Know that your grounding cord is attached whether you “feel” it or not.

This grounding cord stays in place the entire day, continually draining out all the gunk in our aura and returning it to the earth. Anytime you begin to feel your inner critic taking center stage, imagine this grounding cord removing those toxic thoughts and feelings from your body and your aura.  





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