A Coaching Perspective to Acquiring Fulfillment

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Unsung Leaders Change The World

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Some leaders are unsung. Parents can be some of the most successful leaders in the world we may never hear about.

Whether you are a leader at home or at work, find a passion to help others in whatever world you live. By doing so you not only help others achieve, you find fulfillment for yourself as well.
Never use setbacks as excuses. Rather than skim along life’s paths, dive deeply in to find your purpose.

As in football, the game will play out differently for all involved in the game of life. As the game plays out, make the choice to look at the positive possibilities. This moment, this day, this life is what you choose to make of it!

It is our reaction to the experiences we encounter that determines the final outcome.

In the game of football, I would continually preach to the players I had the pleasure and privilege of coaching, “Play the game and don’t let the game play you.” Amidst the ups and downs of competition, continue on the journey with focus, purpose, and passion.

Focus: to maintain interest, effort, and concentration on the immediate task.

Purpose: battle or compete with the intention to complete your objective under any circumstance.

Play: whatever your game is, play it with passion. Passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. It is a strong and barely controllable emotion.

As you compete in your walk of life and its daily struggles, compete in the sense of striving to be good and giving your best in whatever the game of life delivers. Have a passion for good and do good with a passion.

With that mindset, you will find yourself not only striving to be good, but looking for good in whatever environment or circumstance life brings your way. Striving to be good and looking for good creates a fertile mindset for growth and production.






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