The Power of Collective Intention

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Wellness Intended

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I decide not to check with my fellow passenger whether he would like to make use of the empty seats that are between us.  In normal circumstances I would probably consult him before taking action (wouldn’t I?) but this, I feel, is one of those situations that warrants moderately anti-social behavior.

So I take the two extra blankets that belong to the ghosts in the two unfilled seats next to me and lie down to make this plane ride as comfortable as I possibly can.  Fortunately I feel just shitty enough to stop me from feeling too guilty about occupying three times the amount of space allotted to me.  From what I’ve been told I’m free of most things travellers aren’t always free of when sick in Asia. I’m referring mainly to adventurous parasite-friends looking for an exotic place to call home.

Though I enjoy having plenty of space to myself (as can be gathered from my dealings with the empty seats) I’m not entirely sure I’m happy all my medical tests came back negative as this leaves a whole lot of reasons for feeling under the weather open as possible causes.But I’m planning to make the most of my luxury position and sleep as much as I can so I don’t entertain that thought for longer than it takes me to kick off my shoes and close my eyes. Right now the main thing is that I make it from one destination to the next.  Besides, my health is improving more rapidly than any self-respecting tropical virus or bacterial infection would permit. Unless it is succumbing to the power of collective prayer and well-wishes that is….

The other day I found myself somewhat more attached to my bed than I usually am which at that time meant we were inseparable. The inevitable trips to the toilet were just about the only thing that managed to overrule my separation anxiety. But every expedition to the bathroom took most of the energy I had saved up by staying in bed.  The moment I realized there was less than twenty-four hours between me, my bed and a scheduled journey that would take more than twenty-four hours to complete, my already feverish temperature rose even further. I think it was at this point I discovered there are degrees to how deeply a person can sink into their mattress.

Don’t ask my why but I’m blessed with the curious quality of laughing easily when I have a fever. Unfortunately I was not delirious enough to fool myself into believing my upcoming journey was going to be a fun one in that state. So what then does a person do but ask all the lovely people that were messaging from all over the world to my solitary hotel room in Nepal to inquire after my well-being if they could spare a moment to wish for some improvement in that department.  It just goes to show I have the best friends in the world cause they were all happy to invoke anything that ensure a safe trip across a couple of continents.

I have no way of understanding how the power of intention actually works but my already considerable faith in it has recently grown even more.  I think most of us are familiar with examples where collective intentionality was used to influence events of more global concern.
I would humbly say that arranging smooth travels for my person isn’t quite as significant as something like bringing down the crime rate in big cities but the force that influences both things is one and the same.

In this case my friends’ open-hearted collaboration with universal forces plus their willingness to send a little love my way gave me the sudden and surprising urge to leave my bed, my love, behind to go and replace some of the food my body had discarded along the way.
This happened within minutes of their joint effort I might add.

Sometimes miracles are easier to digest when they leave some room for further improvement. This particular one met that criterion but still, the difference in how I felt was big enough to take me from one end of the world all the way to the other with a few extra plane seats thrown in for free.

As I cover up with my three blankets I silently thank all who made this journey possible, including the gracious gentleman squashed in the seat next to mine and all the benevolent forces I have no awareness of.

My final thought of the day holds a renewed intention to make all my future intentions as pure as possible as they clearly make for more than the difference between a pleasant state of mind and a less agreeable one.  And with that I surrender to the power of love in the form of healing sleep.





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