Your Body is Talking…Are You Listening?

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Developing Your Intuition

I used to think intuition was mysterious, mystical, even magical.   I still believe that’s true, because it’s tied to our subconscious mind and our Higher Self.  Yet what I’ve come to realize is we can develop and strengthen our intuition.  As we grow in awareness and as we develop our reasoning skills, we develop our intuition!

Intuition is based on reasoning and works in our conscious or awakened state.   Reasoning is used in the process of thinking and involves the past, present and future.  It’s taking a memory from an earlier experience, thinking of something we really want, and using our imagination to create it in the present.  We can then use other tools like meditation, prayer, visualization and daily affirmations to clarify the thought and manifest our creation.  Everyone has the ability to develop the potential within them!

To master intuition one must learn to relax at will.   There are several breathing techniques which will calm you and bring you into the present moment.  Learning to still the mind though concentration and meditation increases one’s receptivity.  The ability to be receptive and listen to our Inner Self builds intuition.  Intuition is to thinking as observation is to perception.  In order to build perception, we need to pay attention.  Undivided attention is crucial in receiving fully through our senses – taking in all that is around us.  That receptivity aids in our ability to intuit what is happening.  We then can use reasoning to understand and learn from every experience.

You may believe intuition just happens.  It appears to be more mysterious or magical in those times when we are unconsciously allowing life to simply unfold before us.   The true power and the deeper learning which builds permanent understandings in this lifetime, however, is when we still our mind and access the knowing in the moment.  When we have developed the skill of intuition and are able to use it upon demand is how we recreate the magic!   There is a lot of preparation that goes into developing intuition.  We make conscious and unconscious choices every day which cause us to learn.   The learning and the attention you give to what’s happening around you builds your intuition.   The consistency in listening to and acting upon your intuition develops trust in yourself and in your decisions.

As a Chiropractor, I see many people who have pain and don’t have any idea where it came from – they “just woke up with it”.   After some discussion, they begin to realize that there had been earlier signs, but they had chosen to ignore them.  Our body is self-healing and self-regulating – we truly can heal ourselves.  But we need to listen to our body.  That little twinge when you’re getting out of bed, sitting in your office chair, or maybe exercising is telling you something.  It’s a little whisper that’s trying to get your attention.  Are you listening?

That same whisper shows up other times as well.  You’re wanting to eat more nutritious food and you’re out for lunch with friends.  Should you order the burger and fries or the Greek salad?  You’re at a ballgame and your skin is beginning to tingle.  Should you go into the shade before you burn?   We often know the best thing to do and do the opposite!  That’s called free will.   Life is all about choices.   Yet sometimes we’re ignoring what we feel in our gut –  what we know to be true.  That’s our intuition.  A still mind can help us to know if the message is from our Inner Self (the Truth) or if it’s an old program or pattern from our childhood or from society.   I’ve heard intuition defined as the direct grasp of truth.

Maybe you’ve let yourself down in the past.  You’ve ignored your instincts.  You’ve done something or befriended someone you knew wasn’t in your best interest.  You may need to slowly begin to rebuild trust.  There’s a Universal Law – a natural law that applies to all of us – called the ‘Law of Believing and Knowing’.   Its essence is that you have a belief about something, you learn more about it through research and observation, then you have an experience with it.  Other Universal Laws like the ‘Law of Attraction’ and the ‘Law of Cause and Effect’ will also come into play to help you create greater understanding.  Only when you put that believing into action will you truly know it.   That’s the way trust and intuition are linked.  You are building trust just like you do in any relationship – one choice, one decision, one action at a time.  This time, though, you are working on the most important relationship of all, the one with your True Self!






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