Conscious Shifter of the Month Nov. 2014…Susan Miner

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Susan Miner November 2014Consciously Shifting our world by making it a better place, this month we venture down the rabbit hole of possibility with Susan Miner.

Susan Miner started professional modeling while still in high school.  Over the course of her career she became the most sought after face in the modeling industry and  the world. She was living the jet set life and getting paid a ton of money for how she looked while secretly hating herself.

Feeling that there was more to life than just looks she dared to start a new journey, one that lead her to find inner beauty.   Listen to our interview with Susan and learn how she Shifted her life and the lives of others by Consciously choosing to be Beauty From The Inside Out.


For more information about Susan, visit her at Beauty From The Inside Out.  


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