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The Gift of Diversity


June 2021

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You’ve likely heard the concept “your thoughts create your reality.” Does this feel true to you?

A simplistic interpretation of this idea can be: “Well, of course – what you put out into the world you get back” and can appeal to even the most science-minded, even if they don’t believe mental energy has any direct creative capacity.

From what I see, it is not the concept people reject, but resistance arises from not knowing how to make use of the truth itself. In other words, most people have no idea how to transform their own thought patterns.

With that said, there is little comfort in knowing our thoughts are creating our reality if our thoughts are negative and largely out of our control.

For example, let’s say I am feeling anxious about my social status because I am not getting as many invites for post-COVID outdoor activities as my friends.

If I am not able to shift these thinking patterns, I might spend a lot of mental energy in states of stress, which, by our notion, will only attract a reality I do not want, in line with those thoughts. Thoughts like: Why I wasn’t invited to that acquaintance’s baby shower, when my friend was?  Or: Am I fun or cool?  What does she have that I don’t? could creep in and take over.

Who wants the underlying cause of reality to be an uncontrollable mind that thinks terrible things? 

No one. And so, we diminish the idea of our own creatorship and place importance externally, on our reactions to the actions or thoughts of others. The deeper learning here is not that our thoughts create our reality – this truth has been known for millennia. Rather, how is it that we can experience profound cognitive transformation?

In the new era of social media, we have developed a higher capacity for being swayed in the direction of manipulation, baseless persuasion, and, to put it bluntly, utter bullshit. It is more challenging than ever before to connect to what is actually true. This is why the first step to transforming thinking patterns into ones that provide peace and confidence, is to begin a conscious commitment to resonating with actual truth and not the falsities advertisers want you to think are important, or what your parents tell you is right and safe, or even what your employer wants you to believe about the world.  A commitment to what you know is true, for you. This is a practice.

When we are truth-focused, there is no more need for affirming thoughts around why we didn’t get that party invite. The party invite no longer represents our importance so we do not have to defend against it through rumination. We are free of it.

Ironically, when we are free, we attract more invites (which we could take or leave).

Seek truth and find your own special ways of recognizing it. This will give you the reality you want.

Dana Lord Lewis Bio: Dana Lord Lewis is a thought-leader in the realm of energetics. As an authority on energy and manifestation, Dana’s mission is to help her students achieve the truest desires of their souls, through energetics. To learn more about Dana visit




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