Consciously Shifting through Mercury Retrograde!

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© Jlye | - Mercury Glyphs Photo

© Jlye | – Mercury Glyphs Photo

This whole month of June, we will be feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde (Rx) in the sign of Gemini. The retrograde started on May 18th, 2015, but the two weeks prior were in the shadow of the retrograde so you may have noticed communication/travel issues since May 4th, 2015.  Mercury turns direct on the June 11, but we still feel the effects for about two more weeks, into the last week of June. So this month is a good time to review how to use a retrograde to your best advantage and what to avoid during a Mercury Rx.

Mercury is the planet that rules communications, transportation, and information, as well as some other things in astrology. Because information, communication, and the internet are so important in our society now, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to navigate a Mercury Rx and what to do when approaching one.

Mercury Retrograde Tips:

~Try not to start any new initiatives, especially ones involving contracts or documents, marketing, or networking as these things will be misunderstood and/or delayed. Communications get confusing and there is much more of a propensity for miscommunication during a Mercury retrograde. If you do have to sign a contract during the retrograde period, make sure you understand the details, and the other party does too, because miscommunication can happen more easily during this time. If there is something you are just finishing up that you had already started before the retrograde period, then it is okay to complete it.

traffic jam in a storm © Vitaly Krivosheev

traffic jam in a storm © Vitaly Krivosheev

~Mercury also rules travel, so make sure you allow extra time and expect flight delays, more road accidents and car troubles. It’s not that you shouldn’t travel during a retrograde, especially if you are taking a vacation to relax (which is a good thing to do during a retrograde), but just allow for some mix-ups in reservations, flight schedules, and such, by building extra time into your travel schedule.

~As a Mercury retrograde approaches, you will want to backup data on your computer.

~As the Mercury retrograde approaches, you also may want to get your car or boat serviced and/or repaired as they often break down during Mercury retrograde. But do not make any unnecessary auto or boat repairs as they may not hold once the retrograde period is over.

~A retrograde period is a good time to slow down and review, reassess, re-do, relax, rejuvenate, rehearse and all the “re” words.

~People with Virgo, Gemini, and/or Mercury afflicted in their charts will be more stressed and really need to take extra time to review any major decisions. A retrograde is never a good time to make important decisions, but rather to think about them, gather information, and make plans. Wait to make that decision or to act on it until after the retrograde period is over.

~If you are a creative artist, the retrograde period is a great time to slow down your performance schedule and write, compose, rehearse, or create art to express yourself.  But wait to sell it, publish it, or take it to the stage/studios until the retrograde is over.

 © SolisImages - Fotolia

© SolisImages – Fotolia

~If you are struggling to heal an emotional issue, especially one that involves communication, thought patterns, or siblings, a Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to get counseling or write in your journal to work through these issues

~Legal issues and settlements may be delayed during a Mercury retrograde, so be patient, gather information and documents, and make plans for when the retrograde is over. Take action after Mercury goes direct and we are out of the shadow period (two weeks later)

~For relationships, be aware that any new relationship started during a retrograde may not stick together, so wait until after the retrograde period to get serious. Old loves, partners and friends may contact you out of the blue during a Mercury retrograde. If you need to discuss anything serious with a partner or loved one, it is better to postpone it until after the retrograde period because misunderstandings are common during this time. If you have to talk to them now, just be sure to use reflective listening and clear, constructive communication to avoid such misunderstandings.

Mercury Retrograde is not something to be feared! Simply know how to prepare for and use this period to your best advantage to avoid frustrations and setbacks. Take time to slow down, relax, and renew yourself.  Make your plans, dust off and complete old projects, and set new goals. Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to do this!

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