Consciousness Breaking Free

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Stepping Into Higher Purpose

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Consciousness is breaking free from the boundaries created by the ego and rediscovering your connection with the spirit. It is a stepping stone towards the ability to be completely honest with yourself. It is the driving force of change. The expansion of consciousness allows for the universal truth.

Let your mind hear, what your soul speaks and what your heart already understands.

By conscious expansion, we separate ourself from space and time. We are evolving into the light, from which we came. Through the existence of time, the limitations of the ego are created.

Step in.   Step out.   Move on.

Displacement of the shadow creates confusion in the mind. Walk steadily and carefully through the darkness of limitation and surrender into the light of love. Acknowledge the ebb and flow of life, but do not get stuck in either one.

Like the clouds, one’s self-image changes with each fleeting second. Focus less on the image, and more on the path in which you are blowing. Therein, you will find your true direction, and in that direction, you will find your true self.

Growth is non-directional and all directional. Simply grow.

Remember how to fly, not how to fall. Confront difficulties; do not experience them.

The ego is our self-love turned into self-hatred, and it gets looser and louder each time it is fed. It is our mental power turned against ourselves. Emotion turns to ‘ego’tion.





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