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Authentically Empowered… Imagine

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The year 2020 offered us an opportunity to go inward and refine our authentic self. Many of us found ourselves feeling helpless and hopeless as the pandemic and political events in the US unfolded – reaching the crisis point. Our predictable world fell to pieces as jobs changed, our health and democracy were threatened, and our contact with other humans evaporated. However, the lock downs and sheltering mandates allowed us the time to rest, regroup, and meditate.

Hopefully, life will slowly emerge once again with the release of the COVID vaccine and the reduction of the spread of the virus. Now we are presented with an opportunity to redefine our inner and outer life.

Discover Your Authentic Self

Being authentic means to think, speak, and act according to your beliefs and values. The first step to authenticity is self-awareness. Without a knowledge of our motivations, truths, and core values, we cannot shape our lives accordingly toward a satisfactory and positive direction.

Consider the beliefs and values that shape your life. Define the source. Are these beliefs and values inherited from your family, adopted from teachers, peer groups, the news, or social media?

Then, evaluate whether these beliefs serve your best and highest good in the present. Honesty, integrity, keeping your word, cleanliness, eating healthy, kindness, and being helpful are all values and traits most were taught were good and positive. These values probably serve you well. We have also inherited a world of war, distrust, strife, discrimination, prejudice, ill-will, fear, and anger. Will choosing these beliefs and values serve you? If not, then release them from your thoughts, words, and actions.

Other beliefs and values should be considered and determined whether they fit in your life. Ambition, drive, working toward large goals, serving millions, being a millionaire, having a large family, being famous, and popular may be worthy goals but are they YOUR goals?

In my family, having a “safe” job with a regular paycheck, managed by an authority figure, in a female-acceptable role of nurse, secretary, or teacher was the expectation and the values held by my parents. (You can tell which generation I’m from.) These values and beliefs were not acceptable or suitable for me, my purpose, or my life direction. I chose to go into a non-traditional female business for myself, pursue an advanced degree, travel, and postpone marriage until later in life. This suited me.

If you are happy with being reserved, having family as a priority, serving community, church, or spirit, and living a peaceful quiet life, choose this. If you desire to be the first astronaut on Mars, discover the cure for the common cold, be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, then go for it. Feel with your body, mind, and spirit, the beliefs and values that support your heart, mind, and spirit and that you want to support in the world.

Empower Your Life

To discover the beliefs and values important to you, begin by listening to your body. When someone offers you a job working on a computer all day, does your heart sing and your body relax? If so, then this is a positive move for you. If your body clenches, your mind screams, and your stomach wants to heave, then you probably don’t belong there.

Determine what makes you happy, comfortable, relaxed, and healthy when you pursue it and follow that path. Your power will surge when you are in the right place, with the right people, and following your bliss. Yes, we all have to make a living, but it doesn’t have to be painful. There are unlimited opportunities in the world if we keep looking for the spot that fits the unique person we are.

Eliminate negative people, places, and events from your environment. Choose people who support your decisions, your welfare, your lifestyle, and your choices. The nay-sayers will continue to generate fear, anger, and distrust in their lives, but you can choose to live in a positive, empowered world. Avoid places that feed on fear, anger, repression, and harmful or pessimistic emotions such as bars, mob gatherings, and fear-mongering websites.

Take Empowering Action

After discovering your inner truths and beliefs, act on them. If necessary, change your job, profession, or location. You may need more education, training, online programs, or mentors to assist you. This may take long-range planning, but change is possible and the potential for growth is outstanding.

Look to change the world in small or large ways by your contribution. If your destiny is to land on Mars—go for it. If it is to have a loving and supportive family, then engage in supportive family activities even if on Facebook, Zoom, other social media, or when possible, in your neighborhood, schools, or community.

When we are empowered in our authentic Self, being true to our nature, we can positively influence the world around us. We are all meant to live in harmony with all beings. When we are in touch with our true nature, our desires, and our happiness, our energy radiates forth in the world to create a balanced whole. Emerge from the past and create the new reality by living your empowered life now.

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