Creating Our Life Mission Statement 

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Defining Your Purpose

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Do you ever stop to wonder what our driving force is in life?  Why do we act the way we do in certain situations or why do we make certain choices?

I love to dig deep in all aspects of my psyche.  I sometimes refer to myself as an architect of my Soul, always digging deeper to chisel away at those superficial elements.

Personality testing is a good start to help with some of these questions we may have about ourselves.  Myers Briggs and Strength Finder are two that I personally have done myself.  There are many to choose from but finding what resonates with you is key.

I understand that my emotional connection ties into everything.  Like most others, it has been tarnished over the years but I’m learning strategic and empowering ways to use it to my advantage.

The interesting twist on my life mission statement is that I had to learn those tough life lessons through actions of the extreme opposite.  I was not an inspiration due to my own words and actions. I was not a peacemaker and disconnected myself into a place of judgement and feeling like I did not belong to anything or anyone.  I had to learn those lessons in order to feel and understand what it was like.  If my mission is to guide myself and others from the words written above, then I must know deep down in my Soul what it is like for others so I can truly say that I lead by example.

I believe that this is where Sisu also intertwines with my life mission statement.  I have overcome adversity with a force unbeknownst to me at times in life.  I have persevered with such determination that even I had no idea where it was originating from.  At such times I usually narrowed it down to Finnish stubbornness, which to some degree played a role.  It wasn’t until I started my competition lifestyle when the term Sisu came into play.

For those like myself who chisel away in the gym and kitchen, the time and effort we put in connects us not only to a community, but to a better understanding of our hows and whys of life. The lifestyle creates a pathway of understanding for our growth and development.  With every rep in the gym and every prep in the kitchen, it propels us even more.

While the competitive lifestyle challenges me to become better, bringing Sisu into the mix adds in that extra superpower.  It reminds me of where I come from and what my family heritage passed on to me.

It has taken me years to come up with a statement that resonates with my personal whys in life.  If you’re looking at becoming more focused in 2018, I challenge you to write out your own life mission statement.  It enhances our understanding of intrinsic motivation while setting the trajectory for what truly matters in life.




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