Dancing With Your Dreams

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Finding the Joy In Life

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Looking back on 2018, what do you know and see? What was most significant about last year? What would you like to let go of and release? What goals and changes did you accomplish? Imagine all you carry in your mind, body and spirit is being released about 2018. Are you ready for a new beginning?  The less you hold on to from the past the more you will spring forward! Closing out the past year is a review to reflect and release 2018 and have maximum energy in 2019!

Dance outside the lines means stepping out of your box of boundaries and getting out of your way!  As a child, were you taught to paint the sky blue, the grass green and trees with leaves? While painting or coloring did you follow directions, stay inside the lines, and avoid coloring outside the lines?  Imagine stepping out of your own box and into the beyond and a new you!

Draw a line down the center of your paper, Word document or phone device. List your responses for 2018 on the left and goals and possibilities for 2019 on the right.

  1. List of all the things that you were grateful for in 2018. As you write, open and be in your heart. Feel and fill your heart with appreciation and gratitude.
  2. What stories would you like to release in 2018? You may want to let go of your stories from the past, experiences, patterns, pain, thoughts, feelings, emotions, anger, abandonment, sadness, fear and rage, unhealthy habits, memories, relationships. You get to choose.
  3. List your dreams for 2019. What will you create in the New Year? How can you fill your life with joy and laughter, health and happiness? What are your financial, health, wellness, exercise, work, career, relationship, and family goals?
  4. Be creative and brainstorm changes, experiences and new ways of being for 2019. Creative expression reaches into the window of the past, to know and see the future! Some favorites are: dancing, walking, working out, sharing thoughts and feelings, writing, theater, journaling, making art, painting, watercolors, clay, building, inventing, doing what you do differently, cooking, baking cookies, being creative and having fun.
  5. List your personal growth intentions for the New Year. As awareness, you have the ability to shift into deeper levels. What ways will you grow & evolve in 2019?

Relax, and Be Open and Soft In Your Heart!
As you write your lists here are some suggestions:

Be quiet and relax into the deeper, inner you. While being present take a moment for you. Enjoy being in your body.  Be aware of the sensory experiences of where you are, what you are listening to, seeing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. Be okay with everything as is. Be with your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.  Let go and release pent up energy, tightness, and stress in your body, mind, heart and soul. Relax into your heart. Be open and soft in your heart.  Love you.

Renewal happens when you let it in with an openness and willingness of heart. Enjoy dancing your dreams in 2019!






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