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Dancing Up and Down The Mountain


fotolia© FlavioRossato


See, I’ve faced the broken bridges

I’ve waded through the muck

And scaled the steep, rocky ridges

I’ve climbed the ladders

that only lead down

And jumped through the fiery hoops

without making a sound

My silence burns the ropes

tied to my anchors

I’m left stranded on an island

Full of blank faced strangers

I refuse to stand beside

These shadow figures living

Like life is about taking

And not about giving

See, I don’t claim perfection

But I will make sure you can hear my objection

Against the things that tear us apart

Against violence and greed

The weapons I choose are this pen and my heart

My passion wages war

On things like apathy and hate

I’m tired of waiting

On this thing we call fate

So I’m leaving

These self-made cages

I’m screaming the lines

On these handwritten pages

The choice has been made

To travel left instead of right

Running towards a path

That seems to be the only one in sight

See, I don’t live in a box

And I don’t place importance on your ticking clocks

In between the carved out words

and settling dust

I’ve sweep away fears

and reestablished an unwavering trust

I’ve discovered my truth

And I’ll be damned if I let it go

I’ve buried my judgements

And the piles of lies I’ve been taught to know

Reborn into this world

With new dreams

And a boat to navigate these old tear-fed streams

Swimming through the deepest waters

Making waves to fight against

The constraints they are placing

On our sons and our daughters

See, I’m done being content

now that I know the power of conscious intent

I stand strong in my Faith

That was Heaven sent

There’s something to be said about the tides of evolution

For every challenge being faced

With a fight or flight solution

My mind screams its demands

And I’m torn into pieces with paralyzing defiance

Regaining motion as I listen to my heart’s gentle guidance

Singing in outward protest

And my song is love

I choose to stand and fight

Not just sit back and shrug

I am moving forwards and backwards

My direction is a spiral

I am moving to life’s beat

Turning it all the way up on the volume dial

See, I don’t give up

And I understand that I don’t know

But I traverse on a plane of existence that shines bright with hopeful glow

It’s a battle within

Something fought since the beginning

Us against our original sin

And we are winning

Breaking down systems

Of old thoughts and patterns that keep us locked in these war machine prisons

See, you can’t own me

And I can’t change you


let’s just dance up and down these mountains while enjoying the view






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