December 2015- Holidays That Work For You

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Welcome to the December 2015 issue of Conscious Shift Magazine and creating holidays that work for you.


December 2014December 2015- Conscious Shift Magazine.
This month we venture down the rabbit hole of possibility with creating a holiday just for you.

Its officially here, another holiday season and the end of another year. I know it’s confusing because the retail industry would like you to believe that the moment Halloween hits midnight its Christmas.  The day after Christmas starts Valentines Day, and now Easter pops up in late February. Did I miss something?  Oh yeah. What happened to Thanksgiving and New Years?

OK maybe I’m over reacting a bit, but it just feels like we have lost that something really special about the season.  It all seems plastic and lacking in connection and I think its time we Consciously Shift it.

Lets re-frame the whole season and move away from the commercialism and obligation. Make the season simple, stress free, and connection based. Take the time to celebrate you and those around you by honoring what you value.  If it’s time spent with birth family then take the time. Maybe your family is a chosen family instead of a birth family. Doesn’t matter go where your feel joy.

This holiday create the perfect gathering for you, one that is about your choice and not the “shoulds” of others.  Honor old traditions or create some new ones. It’s up to you.

A very valuable tool for a stress free season is saying no. Say no when something doesn’t feel right.  It makes no sense to  over extend yourself or your budget in a way that keeps you paying for a holiday season of now well into summer.

Honor you, your family, and your world by navigating your very own blessed and joyful holiday filled with in-between possibility.  Celebrate the season from within and you can’t possibly go without.



Happy Holidays from Neo and his chosen family Jasmine. They are, friends, partner in crime, and sometimes girlfriend boyfriend. They have been chosen family from the first day we saw them at the SPCA. No way we could have broken up this duo.


Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern
Conscious Sift Magazine



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