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Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings


Here we are at the beginning of another holiday season. This time of year always feel a little lighter and brighter to me.  As I go through my day, I notice more people with a smile on their face and a skip in their step.  People are filled up and jazzed with holiday cheer.

In noticing how, people are feeling “holidayish” I couldn’t help but think that this is what Conscious Shifting feels like.  To me the holiday season, the feeling of the holiday season, is full blown Conscious Shifting.  I then realized that when I say,” venture down the rabbit hole of possibility” I’m actually asking people to feel like they do during the holiday season. Lighter and brighter.  With that being said I think I’m on to something here. Venture with me if you will….

I have a friend that just loves the holidays. Ok I have several friends and several of them are just over the top about the holiday season.  One friend spends all November planning a party that benefits toys for tots.  Another will spend the end of November and most of December decorating and tweaking lights in order to share the holiday season with the neighborhood. Other friends spend too much money on gifts and then pays for the holiday cheer until June. Then there is the friend that starts getting anxiety attacks the first day of November until January 1st from thoughts of dealing with family for two months in a row.

I also have another friend, I know who knew I had so many friends, who just goes with the flow doesn’t really go overboard on much of anything “holidayish”. From the outside looking in my other friends always tell me, “we really need to do something special for her”. “We need to help her with holiday cheer”.

I thought about this for a while and then I realized that the friend who is perceived as lacking in holiday cheer is really 24-7 holiday cheer.  The friend that is being perceived as bah humbug is the most authentic version of holiday cheer and Conscious Shifting, I have had the pleasure of knowing so far in this life.  The dilemma here is that the rest of the crew can’t see it.  They can only see and experience what their version of “seeing” allows them to see.  In other words, they can’t get past their own bah humbug that kicks in the moment the holidays are over. No wonder they OD on good cheer eggnog for two months.

The point of exposing my friends is this. Holiday cheer, the feeling of holiday cheer, is a year round thing. You don’t need a season as an excuse to be joyful and Conscious Shifting.  You just need to choose.

So, put those antlers on your car, decorate that tree and light up the neighbor with good cheer. Be safe and enjoy the connections that the season brings.  Be Conscious, be Shifting and enjoy a “holidayish” status quo today and every day.


*This month in CS Magazine… We are sharing our favorite Conscious and Shifting moments of the year. 

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Peace & Joy
Tracey R. Kern

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