December 2019- Happy Holidays

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The Bumble, Rudolph, and Yukon Cornelius


December 2019

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Here we are at the beginning of another holiday season. This time of year always feel a little lighter and brighter to me.  As I go through my day, I notice more people with a smile on their face and a skip in their step.  People are filled up and jazzed with holiday cheer…. Does this sound familiar?

I think I started last year’s Happy Holidays from Conscious Shift this way talking about how the season feels and what the energy of everyone around me is showing.  Bright light and cheery.  Happy eggnog and holiday spirits all around, right? Or maybe this year it feels a little like the Bumble didn’t bounce back with Rudolph and Yukon.

Let’s be honest this year has been a little challenging for us as a culture. Political, Environmentally, and in the heart of our communities.  Seems that each time we turn on the tv we see another shooting in a school, animals on the verge of or already extinct, massive deforestation, homes being lost on a daily basis to some natural disaster and yet these examples don’t even scratched the surface. Then there is an ever increasing amount of technology buzzing around at such a high pace that I can’t keep track of it anymore.  Add all of this on to our Holiday “should” list and it’s no wonder paramedical companies are making a killing these days.

To be very honest at the end of this year things feel so out of hand that if Rudolph, Yukon Cornelius and the Bounce-able Bumble were given a chance to hang out with us this holiday, they would probably pass. I know you’re thinking what a Holiday Buzz kill I am but just keep reading it’s about to get Conscious Shifting…

So, what do we do from here? How do we get our authentic Bumble back?  How do we take back our peace, calm, authentic cheer, personal freedom and Conscious Shifting way of life ?

We start by taking back our choice.  We start by choosing to see things authentically by going with in to find our truth.  We change our thoughts by focusing on what is real and of genuine value to us.  Then we be. That’s right we just be. We be with our self, our families, and our world.

From here a few things will start to happen.  First things may feel a bit edgy.  That is because you are not used to stopping, and second you probably have not listened to you much lately.  Just go with it and see what happens. Don’t judge or hurry just keep being.

If you do this long enough you will find freedom and freedom is a beautiful thing. Freedom will help you take back what is important and real for you. It will give you peace that cannot be bought in any store. It will help you see what is going on in the world and allow you to see what is yours and, for right here and for right now, during this holiday season, it will bring  authentic self love and the magic of The Bumble, Rudolph and Yukon to your heart.

In closing I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.  I pray it is filled with blessed moments and good cheer. I wish you divine clarity and freedom through the holiday season and for many years to come. I thank you for continuing to Consciously Shift with me and my Conscious crew.

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Welcome down the rabbit hole of a Blessed New Year!!!

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