December 2020- A Conscious Review of the Year

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A Conscious Year in Review


December 2020 A Conscious Year In ReviewIt has been an interesting year. We have experienced everything from political upheaval to over a million deaths as a result of a global pandemic. Racism and social unrest forced us to look at unpleasant and difficult realities. And to wrap the year up, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree arrived this year looking “naked-er” than Charlie Brown’s tree. And with an owl in tow. Rockefeller, as he has been named, hung on for the 170-mile ride that started in upstate New York and ended in Manhattan.

Once discovered, Rockefeller was taken to the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in the Hudson Valley. There he was fed mice, given water, and later returned to a more owl-like habitat.

What an interesting way to finish off 2020.

I didn’t plan on discussing Rockefeller nor would I normally discuss Charlie Brown or the Charlie Brown replica tree. However, this has not been a normal year.

My original plan for the December letter from the publisher was to thank all of you for Shifting with me for another year. I was then going to continue to tell you about how our December issue is filled with a recap of our most-read articles and to wish you all a happy and prosperous year with good tidings for 2021.  Then I saw the story about the tree and Rockefeller the Owl, and I went in a different direction.

There was just something so ironic and “go figure” about the whole story. For starters, the tree was all but windblown to mere twigs upon its arrival. Then the innocent owl that became a passenger by default, arrived dehydrated and hungry, finding himself in unfamiliar surroundings. It all hit too close to home considering the year we have just experienced.

As I read the article about the tree, I just kept thinking this is how so many of us feel. Windblown to nakedness needing a drink. I found myself feeling perturbed and thinking that after everything that has happened this year, this is the last thing we need. Is nothing sacred?   At least give us the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree for the love of all things Conscious and Shifting.

Then I took a deep breath. I got really quiet and listened, and that’s when I heard it.

I heard the voice of possibility Consciously Shifting me.

It reminded me of the most important knowing there is. That I am still here! That so many of us are still here. That we are still standing and just like the owl, we will survive. We will survive and live in an environment that will be improved as a result of our journey.

Not only will we survive, but we will also thrive and face 2021 stronger as we are filled with a new way to look at and navigate our world. Enjoy our annual recap and thanks for Shifting with me yet another year. Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

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