Designing Your Day

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© Rawpixel – Fotolia

Would you like every day of your life to be:

More Orderly?                     Yes   No

More Productive?                Yes   No

More Harmonious?             Yes    No

More Fun?                             Yes  No

More Rewarding?                Yes  No

More Lucrative?                   Yes  No

If you answered “yes” to all of those questions, you are going to be very pleased to discover (or remember) that you can literally design the days of your life to allow for those very experiences, and more.

Each day serves up 24 hours for you to spend any way you would like, but what you actually do experience in the course of those 24 hours either manifests at random or happens by deliberate design.

Liken it, if you will, to the difference between “creating” a room in your home and “designing” a room in your home.  The builder builds the room for you, but what happens to the room after that depends on you.

You can allow the room to simply accumulate furnishings (and other objects) at random, thereby creating – by default – a cluttered, uncomfortable room filled with mismatched, and often unwanted, “stuff”.  Or, by the power of your own thought, you can purposely design the room; deliberately choosing to bring into it only the colors and textures and furnishings that afford the comfort, beauty and warmth intended to bring you joy.

Designing each day of your life is no different than designing a room, or a vacation, or a career or a killer wardrobe.   You simply consciously choose what you want to include in each day as it lays out before you, and then you follow your own design.

The place to begin is always at the beginning.  So first, why not take a little time to discover the mindset in which you customarily begin your day?  Do you awaken each morning in a happy mood, anticipating only good experiences?  Or as you go through the processes of cleansing and clothing your body, eating your breakfast and planning your day’s activities, is your mind cluttered with a mental litany of all the things you didn’t get done yesterday that have now piled into today?  Are you feeling uneasy as you anticipate the events on your calendar for today; encounters with specific people, deadlines to be met, and problems to be solved?  In other words, do you start at least some of your days enveloped in a low-lying sense of dread?  It happens to all of us some of the time, but it never has to be that way.

What if instead you chose to hold off any thoughts of the coming day at all until you intentionally put in place a more positive mindset – a mindset anchored in gratitude for a good night’s rest and for a fresh new day in which to accomplish your newest goals?

What if you allowed yourself to anticipate a day filled with cooperative people, enough time to do everything you would like to do, all the help you need to do it and even a few happy surprises along the way?  It would set the stage for a much better experience, of course.

But don’t stop there.  Take charge of the rest of your day by taking a few minutes to create a reasonable “To Do” list.  Reasonable means doable without stress or strain.  And then to go with it, make a comparable “To Be” List.

For example:

To Do: Call Sam to see how the “Miller Project” is progressing.

To Be: Pleasant, optimistic, respectful, understanding, clear, and cooperative throughout the call.


To Do: Turn in my report on “Expanded Employee Benefits” to my boss

To  Be: Clear, concise, thorough, cheerful, respectful, and receptive to input during that meeting.


To Do: Weekly staff meeting

To Be: Tuned in, contributing, allowing, and open to happy surprises from start to finish.


To Do:  Have lunch with my Mother

To Be:  Attentive, interested, caring, involved, loving, and enjoying a happy time.


To Do:  Take Janie to her dance class

To Be:  Supportive, proud, encouraging, joyful, engaged as I applaud her progress.


To Do:  Participate in family movie night

To Be:  Involved, interested, playful, content and delightfully entertained.


To Do:  Allow for an hour of quiet personal, self-indulgent time before bed

To Be:  Content, kind, caring, relaxed and peaceful with my thoughts as I prepare for sleep.


You are the producer, the director and the star of your own life movie – and you also get to write the script.  The better you get at designing your days, the more you’ll come to love your life.  And the more you love your own life, the more cooperative others will become in following your design.

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