Do you hear with your ears or your brain?

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Your Brain and ears need to communicate because hearing is more than sound.

This is BrainHearing™ a new approach to Hearing Care & Wellness.




With BrainHearing™, the Brain does the process to: * Orient   * Separate
   * Focus  * Recognize

It’s a whole new beginning for Hearing Care.

Broadwater Hearing Care thinks outside of the box. They understanding that not every person experiences hearing or hearing loss the same way. It is this understanding that helps them meet your needs in an amplified way. If you are just beginning to notice subtle hearing loss or have a profound hearing loss you owe it to your self to talk to Dr. Terry today.

Susan Terry July 2014








Susan E. Terry, Au.D., F-AAA, owner of Broadwater Hearing Care, Inc. has been a respected audiologist since 1981. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Audiology from Florida State University and her Doctor of Audiology degree from the Arizona School of Health Sciences.

To learn more visit- Broadwater Hearing


Broadwater Hearing Care, Inc.
4107 5th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL, 33713

Office: (727) 323-2471






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