Does This Article Make My BUTT Look BIG?

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© Kromosphere - Lets face it, we live in a world that is hyper-sensitive about looks. How do I look? Do I have the right clothes and hairstyle? Do I look as ripped as he does? And, what’s with my body shape!? Living up to some “standard” of perfection has become a way of life that is not very healthy for any of us. What standard is being used for all this judgment? And, who sets it, anyway? Is it the media? The design industry? And it all seems to change so quickly that I’m not even sure if there is a standard after all. Yet, we feel compelled to judge ourselves and strangely we feel a duty to judge others; “Oh, look at her;” or worse, “eww, look at her.” After all, if we can find something wrong with others, then, maybe, we will feel better about ourselves.

I’ve heard people judge others else based on how fat or skinny they are; whether or not someone is too young or too old, or whether they are male or female. I’m ashamed to say that I’m guilty of doing it myself, but not anymore. Why is it that we feel in necessary to appoint ourselves judge and jury in society’s courtroom?

When did it become okay to measure someone’s worth by the way they look? None of us want to be judged that way. Before meeting someone for the first time, before saying a word to them, we pronounce sentencing. Because you look _____, you must be ______. Most of the time we are wrong!!

What If?

What if you and I started a revolution; a revolt against judging people based on how they look. What if, instead, we will celebrate people for who they are. We evaluate them based on their contribution and their willingness to stand up for what they believe in. We applaud them for their courage to disagree with me and still be my friend. We recognize them based on their kindness, their generosity, their integrity, their patience, and their willingness not to give up on someone.

Aren’t these all the things we want to be noticed for? Can you imagine how it would feel to have everyone you meet filter their opinion of you through this list of values? Imagine the positive affect this could have. Imagine what our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities would look like. What a powerful rippling affect this could have on those around us. It’s amazing what can happen when you are brave enough to act better than you have before.

Break the mold of judgment

Let’s do it! Who’s with me?! Let’s start this revolution together. Let’s break the mold of judgment and accept people for who they are as we get to know them.

Be warned though; it will be difficult at first.  It will take time to change the way we notice someone because we have developed some bad habits. Yet, we have to start somewhere. If we see ourselves slipping back into old habits, let’s just pledge to try again. We won’t give up! We will make deliberate decisions to act differently. You and I! Together we can make this happen. Start right from where you are and I will start from here.


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