Don’t Be a Stick in the Mud

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How come, when you set your intentions, outline your plan and begin to diligently follow a very sensible routine to make significant changes in your basic lifestyle; before you know it chaos begins to reign in your life and you get seriously thrown off course?

Discouraging, isn’t it?   But it doesn’t have to be when you understand that your future is always determined by your present thoughts.  If that is true, wouldn’t it follow that your present experience is then a result of your past thoughts?

For example, let’s suppose your New Year’s resolution is to release 20 lbs of weight; and you set a very strong intention to do that starting on January first, using all the experience you have from the past to bring that intention into your personal reality.   According to the Law of Attraction, if you consistently hold the vision of releasing 20 lbs and then take the physical steps necessary to support it, it will manifest, right?

So then why are you plagued almost before you start with unusually strong desires for fattening foods, illnesses that take your mind away from your intention, and family or job crises that make it impossible for you to shop for and prepare the kind of foods that are necessary to meet your goals?   What’s that all about?

The answer is simple. It is because for several weeks, possibly even months, before you set your intention to release 20 lbs., you over-indulged in all kinds of fattening foods. You savored Holiday favorites for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You baked mouth-watering goodies for your family and friends.  You attended Holiday parties and dinners and held very good thoughts about all that delicious food.  And somewhere in the back of your mind, you also dreaded the discipline that you knew would be required eventually to shed those extra pounds that were piling on.

Those past thoughts, those old mental pictures of gaining excess weight and the struggle you would face to release it, all began to out picture right in the middle of your new plan because you created those thoughts in November and December and they began manifesting in January and February.  Not hard to figure out, is it?  Well, there’s good news and bad news that go along with that realization.

Here’s the good news.  You now have solid evidence that the specific thoughts you generated last November and December, (of putting on pounds and the struggle you would face to shed them), actually have come to roost in your life experience in January and February.   And – the even better news is that the healthy, slimming thoughts you hold in your mind right now will also begin to out picture in your life experience in March or April.

But here’s the bad news.  First you will have to literally wade through, with as little resistance as possible, the yucky results of your past thinking.

Here’s a physical example that may help you to understand how your past thoughts are delaying the manifestation of your new intentions.

Suppose you have a clear glass jar that is relatively clean, except for about an inch of dirt that has gathered in the bottom. And you decide to clean it out by pouring clean water from the faucet into the jar. What happens immediately inside the jar?  It fills up with mud and sludge as soon as the water and the dirt combine, doesn’t it.  In other words, it creates a mess.  But if you keep the clean water running and pouring into the jar without stopping,  eventually all the mud will be dislodged and the water in the jar will run clean – so clean that you could actually drink it.

So it is with your mind. When you think thoughts of either being overweight or of deprivation from favorite foods, you fill your mind with thoughts of conditions you don’t want.  Then when you begin to replace those thoughts with visions of the attractive body you do want and the new healthy lifestyle you prefer; the new thoughts and the old ones combine at first and create the mental equivalent of mud.  It creates a mess.

The solution is very simple.  Keep the positive thoughts pouring into your mind, just like the clean water pouring into the jar, and eventually your positive thoughts and images of a slim, healthy, attractive body will replace the negative images of an overweight, unattractive body and your New Year’s resolution will succeed.

Don’t be a stick in the mud. Don’t get let the mental mud cloud your intentions or sabotage your plans.  Keep the good thoughts and the healthy eating habits flowing until the mental mud, created by your past thoughts, disappears.  It will work.  It has to work.  It is the Law.

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